Breaking Immersion: Out Takes

Yeah, well, you don't look so great in that towel, either.

Random seagull flies in during the break up scene.

Justin wishes Gavin would leave already.

Seriously, just go, Gavin.

Finally, time for nude pie baking.

Rainier's party. Everyone got sick on the gin.

Totally BFFs.

Shots of Rainier's new condo:


Random shot of Bill telling a ghost story.

I was just passing by and caught this picture of Regan on the mechanical bull.

Work it, Gavin!

Stina gets a scare at the comic book shop

Dag, so not helping.

Eccentric swimwear ftw

An unused scene of Rainier and Bill getting in some golf.

Just for Becky: Rainier and Coby giggling together. Sorry, no ice cream.

For anyone that has ever wanted to see Nico die in a fire...well, he didn't die...and I bailed without saving because I didn't feel like dealing with clean up. But here's Nico on fire for you.

"It'sa a me, Mario!"  Yes, the repair NPC in Los Aniegos is Mario Bro.

Unused pic of Justin and Eleanor

Coby's sexual role play.

While Andrea and Debbie have a romantic date, Rainier spends the evening having an argument with a local premade. Teri Hairston. After going on like this for Sim hours, Rainier eventually attempts to flirt with her.

Justin and Eleanor also show up. I love that he chooses red roses to give to her.

Coby contemplates the ocean.

Shortly after Rainier moved into town, he made a spontaneous visit to the house whee Justin and Eleanor live. I then invited Stina over to have an impromptu party, and considered having Justin get all jealous boyfriend with Rainier for his attentions to Eleanor. But none of that made it in to the story.


Beatrice and Eleanor have a friendly chat about Justin.

I was playing another household when I spotted these to having a romantic moment in the park.

I don't need a caption for this, do I?

I'm not captioning this one, either.

Rainier contemplates a painting in Stina's bedroom.


  1. WHOA! SUPPPPPPER closeup HAHAHAHA I've had that happen a few time and each time it scares the bejebus out of me!

    I LOL'd at the blue alien perving on live action in the bed HAHAHA his face was priceless!

  2. Awesome!!! These were SO worth showing! I'm STILL laughing!

  3. ~ The only thing missing in "Coby contemplates the ocean." Is were is his surf board, Dude! ;)

  4. Picture #25 - Eleanor and Justin - Those are some naughty/evil expressions! I wonder what they're thinking!

    #26 - Nice, real nice! Yeti! You really know how to make a gal feel special!

    That perving alien! Those eyes are hilarious! Serves you right for perving!