Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chapter 47: Undetectable Injuries

"I'm fine," Heather insists, "My husband--"

"You may have undetectable injuries. This is just a simple gynecological exam to make sure you are okay, and to collect evidence against your attacker."

"I just want to see my husband."

"He's in the OR, Mrs. Gutierrez. We'll let you know as soon as we know anything."

That's the first time anyone has ever called her Mrs. Gutierrez, Heather thinks as she lays back for the exam. You like fucking that cop, bitch? Esparza's words come unbidden into her mind, and she sobs.

"We can provide you with a list of excellent rape counsellors to help you through this," Dr. Frasier informs her.

"I'm pregnant," Heather blurts suddenly, remembering, "I just took the test this morning." It seems like days, weeks ago, but it was just hours.

"This early into the pregnancy, there shouldn't be any problems," the doctor says, "But we'll run some tests to be sure."

"Mr. Gutierrez is in critical condition," Dr. Frasier informs the only family Heather and Ulises have, "He's in the OR now. Mrs. Gutierrez is being questioned by LAPD," the doctor nods toward Pable, and LAPD officer himself as he says this, "She'll be out to see you as soon as she's done."

Pablo was one of the first responders to Heather's 911 call, but his family relationship to the victims put him off this case. He's here purely as family, waiting with Heather's brother for news.

When the doctor disappears again, Coby realizes he should call Rebecca and let her know what happened.

Heather has had to relive her rape several times over now, telling the cops who arrived at her house after Pablo what happened in detail. Now, after her exam, she has another cop to face, one who wants clarification.

"He said he wanted to send a message to your husband," Kezia muses.

"Yes. Ulises is a cop, like you. He'd arrested Esparza in the past." Heather has been telling as much of the truth as she can, without divulging the real issue Esparza had with her family, that Ulises had beaten  Esparza down in her home when he attacked her the first time, and then let him go to protect her from being arrested herself for her drug dealing. You like fucking that cop, bitch? Heather cringes, still hearing his voice. He's dead, she tells herself. He can't hurt us, and he can't give his side of the story.

"So, your husband tells you about every arrest he makes?" Kezia asks in a doubtful voice, "How did you know that your attacker was someone your husband had arrested in the past?"

"He doesn't tell me about every arrest," Heather says, "We just happened to see Esparza once when we were out, and Ulises told me about arresting him." She fidgets as she tells the lie. Why can't they just let this go? There's no love lost between LAPD and the Esparzas, after all.

Kezia jots some notes down in her pad. "That's all for now, Mrs. Gutierrez," she says, "I'll let you know if we have more questions."

"You know, you're a crap feminist," Rebecca accuses while they wait at the bar for service.

"Don't play that card," Trace admonishes, "I've always been a strong feminist."

"Yeah, in your head you are," Rebecca laughs, "But when it comes to trusting an actual woman to make her own decisions..."

"That's not what this is about," Trace defends himself, "I haven't questioned anything Heather has done until now. But she wants me to give up my daughter to be adopted by a cop."

"You gave up your daughter before she was born, Trace," Rebecca reminds him harshly, "You know you have no business coming down here to interfere in her life now." Rebecca smiles to herself as she speaks. Coming to interfere in Heather's life was exactly what brought her down here. But she was doing that as friend, not because she felt like she had some rights over Heather or her child. "Look, I get where you're coming from," she says, "I came down here to try to stop Heather from marrying the guy. But I was wrong," that wasn't as hard to say as she thought, "And I've seen him with Laurel. He's a great father. And you aren't."

Trace's face moves through several expressions before he speaks again. "I'll think about it," he says.

Rebecca's phone vibrates against her hip. "Coby," she answers, "Didn't you get my text? I'm out with a friend." He face falls when she hears the news Coby has to tell her. "I'll be right there," she says.

"How is she?" Rebecca asks, joining Coby in the waiting room of the hospital. She can't help but notice Coby's companion, but doesn't mention it. There's obviously going to be a discussion about that, but not now.

"She's being questioned. Ulises is in the...wherever they took him. They haven't told us more than that," Coby says, exhaustion and grief obvious in his voice.

Having nothing else to say, they all just sit and wait in silence.

Finally, Heather comes out to join them. "He's still in critical condition," she says, tears starting to form, "They won't let me see him."

"Come home with me," Pablo says gently. His wife Jennifer took Laurel to their house with her before they brought Heather and Ulises into the hospital, "You need to get some sleep. The doctor will call you as soon as there's news."

Heather nods weakly.

"You should get a dog," Jennifer suggests. Heather hadn't been able to sleep at all, despite her exhaustion. She just lay in their single guest bed, holding her phone, waiting for a call. She's so tired now, Jennifer's words seem to come out in a meaningless jumble. 

You like fucking that cop, bitch? 

Why won't it stop?

Shortly after Jennifer serves a breakfast that Heather doesn't touch, she gets the call she's been waiting for. Ulises is out of danger, and conscious.

"Mariposa," he says weakly as she takes his hand, "Are you...?"

"I'm fine," she assures him, "I've just been so worried about you."

"I failed you," he says, closing his eyes, "I'm sorry."

"You didn't fail me," Heather says, "It was my fault. This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't--"

"Don't blame yourself," Ulises says, grimacing pain as struggles to sit up.

Heather leans forward, holding him close. "You're alive," she sighs, "The doctors say you'll be able to come home in a few days. And we're going to have a baby."

"What?" Did you just say..."

"I'm pregnant. I was waiting to tell you, yesterday. I was making dinner..." Heather stops there, because that's when it happened. You like fucking that cop, bitch?

Ulises kisses her deeply. 'I love you," he whispers.

"I love you," she answers. Everything will be all right, she promises herself, as soon as he's out of the hospital, everything will be back to the way it was.


  1. Why don't I find comfort in the closing line? All in all, I'm glad Ulises has pulled through, it would have been too much for Heather to deal with if he hadn't.

    1. Yeah, Heather is trying hard to keep it together, but she's starting to come apart.
      I definitely would have been much worse for her if Ulises hadn't survived, that's for sure.

  2. Finally caught up! Silly school and thesis, interfering with my blog reading!

    So happy that Heather and Ulises are both alive! Now, hopefully the healing process can begin for them. While it will never be the way it was, they'll find a new normal. Hopefully they don't get in trouble for Heather's old plants...

    On a happier note, I'm excited to see the Portia storyline, Eleanor and Justin are adorable as usual, and I'm ecstatic that Coby and Stina are giving their relationship another shot. The Nico and Jacklyn arc was well done, too. It was painful to read through, but here's hoping they can achieve the trust they once had. Yay for second chances! Debbie and Andrea are adorable, too. I agree with Nico on Debbie's apartment, although I think the Sims 1 version of Pink Hell was a bit more garish, hehe.

  3. I'm glad Ulises survived. You were a meanie to make us wait several chapters to find out! ;)

  4. Good luck with your thesis, Hayley!
    I was just chatting with Inge yesterday about how I've actually gotten past the point of where I left off in some of my Sims 1 stories, so I'm having to add new storylines and new characters. It's a lot of fun, and I'm glad to be able to use Portia for something this time around.
    Debbie's Sims 1 apartment was definitely more garish, lol. In part because I had to make do with what I could find or recolor myself. With Sims 3, we can CaST everything, so I wasn't as limited in what I could use, and I could make her place more tastefully pink than I had originally.

    Becky, hey it was only two chapters! LOL. And I've left poor Carey hanging for like ages now. I really need to pick up that story again.

  5. I thought he was a goner. Glad he did not die.

  6. She's going to need to talk to someone. She keeps hearing his words, it's only going to get worse.

  7. I like Ulises too much to kill him off.
    And Heather will definitely need some help to get through this.

  8. Poor Heather. She is really struggling to maintain her sanity after everything. She hasn't even really reacted to seeing this man get killed in front of her :( And now Ulises had to find out about his kid in such a horrible way. I hope they can make it through this.

    1. Thanks, DJ. Heather and Ulises have some tough times ahead to deal with this.