Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chapter 77: There is a Light

"I love your hair this way," Justin says softly, nuzzling her neck.

"I hope so," Eleanor laughs, "You're the one who styled it." His teeth graze her ear as his hands move over her body, one up to her breasts, the other down, sliding beneath her panties.

"You can't seduce me," she says sternly, turning to face him.

"I can always seduce you," he says, his voice low, growling, as he presses her against the wall, holding her hand so she can't resist. Not that she'd ever put up any real resistance; it's all part of their game.

When she sighs her submission, he frees her hands so he can remove her underwear. Her skin is still damp from the shower. "You'll mess up my make up," she complains as his lips covers hers.

"You can do it again," he answers, lifting her up, holding her thigh as he thrusts inside her, "We can do this all night."

Justin's ploy ultimately failed. Eleanor would not be persuaded from getting her dress on and rushing them out to her gallery for the opening. His opening, as she chose to show his work for the gallery's debut. He didn't really expect the seduction to work beyond maybe making them late, but it was worth a try. And he put a glow on her face, so she'll she shines on her big night.

"You look radiant, Eleanor," Gavin says, arriving just after the gallery opens, "This is Regan Foster, my girlfriend." Regan throws him a wry glance as he trips over the introduction. Maybe announcing her as his partner was a little presumptuous, as he hadn't discussed it with her ahead of time. But he'd rather err onn that side of things than make the mistake of labeling her a 'friend'.

While Eleanor mingles, Justin stands off on his own, avoiding any contact and above all not looking at his prints on the wall. He reminds himself that he used to do fetish shows, that he'd worked as a dancer, that he's no stranger to public display. But those performances were different somehow, he never exposed like he does now, watching people looking at the pictures he made, his 'art' as Eleanor calls it, sizing it up and even buying it.

"I'm sorry about two art dates in a row," Gavin apologizes again. Regan had suggested their next date be completely unrelated to art or theater, but their schedules made it impossible to have a date before the gallery opening.

"Well, you couldn't miss the opening of your own gallery," Regan says with a light laugh, "Given the choice between an art date or staying home and letting you go by yourself, I'd rather be with you. And, besides, attending these sorts of events are what girlfriends are for, right?' she teases.

"I should have asked..." Gavin starts, but she shushes him with a light kiss.

"Don't apologize," she says, "As long as you understand that being my boyfriend means you have to be there for the opening night of any play I'm in, no matter how small my part."

"I would never miss any performance of yours," Gavin says.

"That's good," she laughs, "The toilet paper commercial I shot last month is premiering this week, and I expect you to stay glued to the TV any time it comes on."

Amongst the milling crowd, Justin spots Alison.

When she sees him, she approaches.

"Change your mind about wanting your money?" he asks. She's here for Gavin, of course, they work on the same movie, and Justin can't imagine any other reason for her to talk to him.

"No, I don't even have time to spend the money I make, I don't need yours," she says, her voice heavy.

"So, what do you want?" Justin asks bluntly, "Not the pleasure of my company, I'm sure."

"Actually, that is all I want," Alison says, "I know, it sounds crazy, given the fact that you stole my rent money and my car. But, you remind me of home."

"I wasn't in New York for more than a year," Justin points out.

"I know," she says, "But you were there during what, in retrospect, was the happiest time of my life."

"You aren't serious," Justin says, "You were a student, scrounging for every cent you had, just waiting for your chance to work in films. And now here you are, living your dream."

"Yeah, she says with a wry smile, "My dreams seemed a lot better when they were still just dreams."

"This work, it coms from a dark place," Carey Burden says, never quite meeting her eyes, "And yet, there is a light, isn't there? I'll take the whole series. My assistant will work out the details of purchase." And with that, the acclaimed director wanders off, leaving Eleanor slightly confused, but extremely pleased. Having someone like Burden buying his work will be a huge boost for Justin's career, and for her gallery as his representative.

"You're the artist," the redhead says, her voice deliberately low and whispery. She's got the sex dialed up to eleven, Justin thinks. "Your work is just fabulous. Amazing," she purrs, standing too close to him, "I'd love to get to know you better."

"No," Justin says simply.

"Do you know who I am?" she asks, her voice rising shrilly.

"No, and I don't want to," Justin growls, becoming annoyed by her invasion into his personal space, "Now, fuck off."

She stomps off in a huff, with a mumbled threat about him never working in this town again. Like he cares.

Eleanor returns to him as the party winds down and the gallery begins to empty. She starts to tell him how successful the night was, how many prints she's sold, but he stops her mid-sentence "The less I know about the business, the better," he says, trying not to think about his pictures decorating the walls of other people's homes. 'I'm happy for you," he whispers, kissing  her ear, "That's enough."

"You really pissed off Marilyn Hennessey," Eleanor says with a smile.

"The pushy redhead?" Justin asks, "Was she someone important?" Not that it would have made a difference to him; Justin kisses no one's ass, no matter how high and mighty.

"Not as important as she thinks she is," Eleanor laughs, "And if she throws a public tantrum, it will only increase the interest in your work."

"I wish I understood why I'm falling so hard for you," Regan sighs.

"Do you really need to understand it?" Gavin asks, "You can't just let it happen?"

"I couldn't stop it from happening," she says, "I just have to wonder how I got here."

"Kiss me," he says, pulling her up into his lap. She leans forward, meeting her lips to his, taking his sweet tongue into her mouth.

He rises, takes her hand and leads her into his bedroom. "Will you stay with me?" he asks.

At this particular moment, Regan doesn't need a reason, doesn't need to think about where this came from or where it's going. "Yes," she whispers.

She'd fought against her attraction for him from the first, and now that she's let go of the fight, she's pulled in all the harder, drawn to be with him, to take him and make him her own.

"You have the softest skin," he murmurs as they fall into bed together, wrapped around each other.

She looks up into his eyes and sees herself reflected in them. "I think this is going to work," she whispers, "We're so different, but we fit."

Gavin smiles. "Like we were made for each other."


  1. Oh gawd. Gavin and Regan make my heart melt. <3<3<3

    I'm sooo glad to see Marilyn getting put in her place. Go Justin!

    1. Thanks, Giga!
      I'm so happy to see Gavin so happy. =D
      And I really loved having Justin tell Marilyn to fuck off.

  2. HA! Loved how just told her to fuck off! I love that about him! Made me laugh when he said it to Stina at the beginning of the story and made me laugh again! Love how these women try and use their sexuality with someone MORE in touch with sexuality than they are and getting slapped down! Too fucking perfect!

    Regan and Gavin are just so awesome together. I am so happy he's finally found his place with someone that shares an equal passion for art and knows him just a little better than the others he's dated before. Now he can be his sensitive self and Regan fully understands it as his artistic spirit, it couldn't be more perfect!

    1. What's funny is Justin uses his sexuality the same way, he tried it on Eleanor right at the start of the chapter. But he's totally impervious to it himself. And I do love the way he has no problem telling people to fuck off when they're bothering him.

      Gavin really has found the right girl for him, this time.

  3. Lol, I saw Stina in the 8th picture and thought she was totally gonna prance over to Gavin and Regan and make an awkward scene.

    I'm glad Gavin and Regan are happy. <3

    1. I almost did that with Stina, but I had so much else going on and didn't really know what Stina would say, so I dropped that idea.

  4. I LOVED the scene with Justin telling Marilyn to fuck off. That totally made my day <3

    But even more important than that was Gavin finally getting Regan to trust him. They might just win out as cutest couple... I really hope things work out between them. I really do.

    1. LOL, everyone seems to love that scene. It was fun for me, too.

      Gavin and Regan really are a good couple.

  5. Alison sounds so wistful and so damn lonely. I'm glad she doesn't seem to be holding a grudge against Justin.

    Justin and Eleonor-I just love their chemistry! They are something else!

    I kinda felt sorry Marilyn there, being told to fuck off so harshly. But I get why he did considering his personal space issues.

    Yay for Gavin and Regan. I'm glad he's happy with her. I've always wanted him to find someone who understood him.

    1. Thanks Val!
      Alison loves her job, but it's become her life.
      I love the chemistry between Justin and Eleanor, too. It certainly sustains them despite any other troubles they have.

      Wow, someone feels sorry for Marilyn! That is a first, lol.

      I'm happy for Gavin, too. He's been in a lot of relationships, and none have been really satisfying. This time it looks like he's found happiness.

  6. Justin's show was a success even if he didn't care about it. He is doing it to please El so if she's happy he's happy.

    Gavin and Reagan are too cute. I am glad things are working out for them. Maybe she is just what he needs.

    Alison sounded a little lost talking to Justin. :( She should be living the high life but instead she seems lonely. Not sure of what to make of her boss. Carey is really a strange character.

    1. That is true, Justin may not be too comfortable about suddenly being an artist and putting his pictures on display, but he is happy to be able to please Eleanor.

      Gavin and Regan are winning the cure prize this chapter. They are very sweet together.

      Alison is starting to think about her life and where it's going lately. I'll have to focus some on her, and her crazy boss some time soon, as I have been neglecting them.

  7. Gavin and Reagan = ♥ They are just perfect together :)

    Carey is such an odd guy... but good for Justin since he bought everything! I can't wait to see what strange thing he does next.

    Am I the only one who noticed Jacklyn watching as Marilyn assaulted Justin?

    1. Hi, Maddie!
      I will have to do something with Carey pretty soon, I've been leaving him on the back burner while I deal with other things.

      That is actually not Jacklyn there. She's some premade in the Starlight Shores neighborhood (I'm using both that and Los Aniegos these days, because no one neighborhood has all the space I need to build sets as I need them.). But she has Jacklyn's hairstyle and dresses kind of like her, so it's an easy mistake to make.

  8. 1:43am and I've finished reading all the chapters in one sitting. When it comes to something I enjoy reading, I pretty much have a very hard time stopping. It's like a drug. A very sexy drug.

    1. Wow,Teal, I am impressed!
      I really need a prize to hand out to people who can take the whole sexy thing at once. =D
      Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Now, get some sleep!

  9. I really enjoyed reading this. And to see that you have created some custom content too! YAY!

    Eleanor looks beautiful with the new hair :)

    1. Thanks, misu!
      I really needed to make my own pictures for Justin's show, there was nothing in game or even existing CC that would work. Thank goodness OM's tutorial made it very easy for me to make them. And I'll be doing some paintings for Gavin next.
      Then I'll have to learn to make my own tattoos!

      I've been changing everyone's hair lately. I downloaded a ton of new hair mostly for my other story, so my fairies could have fanciful flowing locks, and now I've been updating a lot of these characters now too. And it makes sense that they'd change their hairstyles over time. Finding the right hair for Elle was a challenge, she has a long face and a tall forehead. This hair really works for her even better than her original hair.

  10. I love Justin, he is just sooooo Justin.
    His fear makes sense, and to me seems that he fears his entirety will be displayed. When he's performing, it's not him. In his art, it is. I hope Eleanor stays true and doesn't change. I don't see Justin taking that well.

    Gavin has grown so much. It was nice to see that he has taken the lead role a bit. At least in announcing Regan as his girlfriend. I just love his hair too.

    The pictures are so wonderful.

    1. I do try to stay very true to Justin's character when I write his interactions. I love writing a character who is that direct and confrontational, it's fun. And you are very right about the difference between his performance and his art.

      Gavin has done a lot of growing lately. Taking the acting gig has done a lot for him.