Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chapter 78: Damaged Beyond Repair

"That's it, Justin, shake it for me. Just like that," she purrs, her words slurring from the effects of the drinks she's consumed this afternoon. His name is Brian, actually, but she's paying for this little show, so if she wants to call him Justin, he'll be Justin.

"Why don't you pour me another drink?" she asks, trying to be flirtatious and coy, but only sounding drunk and desperate. In Brian's opinion, she's already had too much, along with the Ecstasy she took. But it isn't his place to speak his opinions, the only thing that matters is giving her what she wants.

And what she wants, of course, is a good hard fucking. Still clutching her drink, she wobbles over to the bed where he waits, ready to do his job.

"No," she whines, "Not...not like this. I want it rough. I want..."

She can barely express herself with words, but Brian got the message. So, he grabs her and shoves her against the bed, slamming himself inside her with as much force as he can muster.

"Justin, yes!" she screams, her voice muffled by the blankets, "Call me a dirty bitch, punish me."

She's one of those types. What she wants falls outside his normal technique, but Brian wants to make his money, so he fulfills her request, calling her names as he thrusts deep and hard inside her.

And she was loving it, moaning in ecstasy and urging him on, until she just collapsed, falling onto the floor beneath him. He picks her up, shaking her to try to wake her, but she's like a corpse, unresponsive.

Brian's first thoughyt is to call 911, but then he thinks about the ecstasy he gave her, and the questions from the police about what he was doing with her in this hotel room all afternoon, and his instinct for self-preservation kicks him, getting him dressed and fleeing this scene. No one knew he was here, no one would have noticed him coming into her room. So he leaves her on the floor unconscious, not sure if she's even breathing.

Golf was never really Rainier's game,  but, eager to impress the man he considers his future father-in-law, he strives to improve his swing.

Behind him, Bill takes what must be the fourth call he's gotten since they started. "Listen, Dwayne," Bill says to the phone, "I'm not your family counselor, okay? And I'm not a go between for you and your daughter. If Jacklyn doesn't want to see you, then that's her call. I'm not getting involved, understand?"

"They are like children," Bill complains as they sit down for a beer, "Damn musicians."

Their conversation in interrupted by yet another call, one Bill walks away from the table to take in private.

Rainier stands when Bill comes back, seeing right away that whatever that call was, it has devastated the man. Portia, he thinks, suddenly anxious, please don't let it be Portia.

"My wife," Bill says, choking on the words, "She's in the hospital." Rainier keeps his relief to himself, and drives the distraught Bill to the hospital.

"When I first met her, she'd come to me with all her problems. And I'd fix everything for her," Bill says as they wait for news of his wife's condition, "I liked being able to do that, fix everything for her. She needed me, you know? But there was no end to her problems, and it got to a point where I gave up trying to fix her. I just left her to her own devices..."

Rainier sits in uncomfortable silence, without a clue as to what he should say or do. Inside, he's not as cold and unfeeling as his reputation holds, he's just at a loss in situations like these.

"Daddy," Portia cries, falling into her father's arms as soon as she enters the hospital waiting room.

Bill passes his daughter to Rainier when the doctor approaches to give him some news about his wife.

"She's going to be okay, isn't she?" Portia sobs, snuggling against him for comfort, "Tell me she'll be okay."

He can't in good conscience tell her that. From what he's heard, Mercedes overdosed on a cocktail of prescription meds, ecstasy and alcohol, and wasn't found until hours after she'd passed out in a hotel room. Her chances of survival seem extremely iffy, and if she does live, she could be damaged beyond repair. He knows better than to speak this truth to Portia, but he can't bring himself to mouth the the comforting lie, either, and compromises by just making soothing noises as he holds her.

"She's in a coma," Bill informs them, "The doctors...it doesn't look good."

Portia moans and sobs, clutching herself.

"Take her home," Bill says to Rainier, "I'm gong to stay here."

"Daddy, no, I want to wait with you," Portia protests through her tears.

"There's nothing you can do here, sweetheart," Bill says softly, "And that police officer over there questioning the doctor is going to want to question me next. I don't want you here for that. Go home with Rainier. I'll call you as soon as I know anything."

As Bill predicted, officer Gutierrez has questions for him next. Mercedes hadn't been alone when she passed out, her body showed every evidence of being engaged in intercourse that afternoon. As her husband, he is of course suspect. His alibi is more than airtight, he was across town at the country club with Rainier, and he was seen there by many people who know him well. He's not as concerned about his own safety as he is about seeing justice done to whoever drugged up his wife and left her for dead.

"Can we find the guy who did this?" Bill asks the cop.

"We're combing the room for DNA evidence. If he has a record, we'll find him that way," the officer says.

Rainier tries to speed Portia out of there before she has to hear much more of this sordid story.


  1. Why do I get a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach that her screaming Justin's name is coming back on him? That the people in the rooms next door heard her yelling his name and they'll try finding this "Justin" she was calling for...

    Damn...I hope Eleanor finds Brian and fuck his world up! This is SO not good!

    I can't say I'm saddened about Mercedes but it's not a great thing either for her. Sure she's a bitch but she doesn't deserve to be left for dead by someone out for money like that. Though she was willingly accepting all the drugs. Let me say for Bill and Portia's sake I hope she makes it out alright.

    It was very cute watching Rainier and Bill golfing and the way he ushered Portia to him when the doctor came :) the whole thought about "father-in-law" was sweet too!

    1. Well, the good news for Justin will be that any DNA evidence the cops find in that room won't be his.

      It's true even a bitch like Mercedes didn't deserve that. But we don't always get what we deserve.

      I love having Bill and Rainier go golfing together. =D Though I wish there was a more interactive golf game, and they would take turns. But, at least we have it.
      Rainier does have very serious intentions about marrying Portia someday, and having made that his goal, he's relentless n his pursuit of it, including doing whatever it takes to get in good with her father. And it's paid off for him in that Bill considers him part of the family when they are faced with this tragedy.

  2. Wow Portia's mom. Damn. I have no words. This opens a whole lot of ugly for Portia and her family. And that Brian, I get why he ran, but I was hoping he'd a bit if cecency in him to call 911. I'm glad Portia has Rainier to help her through this.

    1. Yeah, it's a pretty hideous thing for Portia to go through, especially as she'll learn things about her mother's private life that she'd probably never want to know.
      Brian rally doesn't have a shred of decency, he ran off without caring what happens to Mercedes, only concerned about his own ass.
      Portia can count on Rainier. He's not the best at talking to people in times of crisis, but he can give her the hugs she needs and be there for her.

  3. Wow, he could have called 911 then ran or called once he got to his car but to just leave her there, that was wrong.

    Hopefully he is in the system and they will find something. He didn't stop to wipe down for prints or anything so it could lead back to him.

    It was nice to see Rainer and Bill getting along. Bill is a level headed thinker and he is being open to the future relationship.

    1. He really could have, and you are right, he didn't do anything to cover his tracks. He's not the brightest or nicest male prostitute, lol.

      Bill does actually like Rainier, and he knows his daughter loves him, so he is open to the relationship. And now he's even depending on Rainier for support, to help Portia get through this.

  4. Great - I applaud. Beautifully I have begun to study your story.

  5. Poor Bill. I wonder why the heck Mercedes was so unhappy with her life that she'd do stupid things like this.

    1. I was actually just talking about this. I had thought about doing that scene from Mercy's perspective, but her head was so full of depressing crap about what a failure she is at everything (her gallery, the fact that she couldn't seduce Justin), I just couldn't write it. Too maudlin.
      So I took it more from the prostitute's perspective, and just kind of let the fact that M was depressed enough to be here be it's own fact without explanation.

    2. I did feel kind of bad for Brain. He wasn't in a position to tell her not to drug herself up, and then... well... I can understand the panic.

      Still. Not a good move there, dude.

    3. Yeah, I don't think what happened to Mercedes was his fault, but his decision to flee without at least an anonymous call to 911 might not have been the best idea.

  6. I guess judging by the comments I'm supposed to feel a little sorry for Mercedes but I just can't. I don't even hate her as a character I just absolutely don't care if she lives, dies, or has irreversible damage of some sort. I do feel sorry for Portia, but if Mercedes was this far into self damage and assuming Justin wasn't the only prostitute she hired I don't see how her family didn't see it coming. I can understand if they never talked to each other but from the chapters in Portia's perspective it seemed like her family was very close.

    I kinda hope Mercedes does die. Sure she doesn't "deserve" death, but she took the drugs herself and put herself in a situation with someone who cares more about money than decency.

    I do think it'll be interesting to follow Bill in a rage though over her hospitalization/death and how it'll effect Portia.

    1. Well, I think there are shades of closeness between 'never talking at all' and 'telling everyone about my prostitute habit', and the Arthag family would fall somewhere between those two extremes.
      So, I think it's quite unlikely her family knew she was hiring prostitutes.

    2. If it makes you feel any better - I don't feel bad for Mercedes either. However, I do feel bad for Portia having to see her mother like this and potentially finding out some things about her that she doesn't need to/want to know. : /

      Anyway - I'm not sure how I missed this chapter Melissa! It's amazingly well done (as usual) and I'm anxiously awaiting the extra dramz that comes from this fiasco.

  7. I love this story! Only started reading it in the past few days and already caught up with everyone else... waiting for the next chapter!

    1. Thanks so much, I'm glad you are enjoying it!

  8. How can your story be so engaging? You have a talent for this, and I am so glad to be able to read it :)

    I don't pity Mercedes, but I feel bad for her husband and her daughter, and the guy who they will look for.

    Rainier *sigh* ... Portia is one very lucky lady.

    1. Thank you so much! =D I enjoy writing, so I'm glad you enjoy reading it!

      I feel bad for Portia and Bill, too.

      And yes, Portia is lucky to have Rainier. He's completely committed to her and will be by her side through all of this.

  9. That was ugly...ugh. I have a feeling things may be going to get a little rough for Portia, i feel very sorry for her. I should probably keep my opinions to myself about the mom=b.
    Brians a bad boy and i get this weird feeling this is going all come back on him somehow...edenz~

    1. Thanks, edenz! It's great to see you around again.
      This is a hard time for Portia. LOL, you can say whatever you want about Mercedes.
      Brian is a bad boy, dealing Ecstasy and being prostitute, it's definitely going to lead to trouble for him.

  10. This is the first time I have felt slightly sorry for Mercedes. I don't want to feel sorry for her, but I do. Just a bit. She's obviously unhappy and has "wealthy socialite problems," but her solution for her unhappiness was a bad one. I feel worse for Portia and her father who have to deal with the aftermath. At least Portia has Rainier back.

    Loved the Ulises cameo. :-)

    1. Thanks, Hayley. Mercedes did choose the absolute worst path for dealing with her issues, and it lead to this.
      Rainier is a huge help for Portia, and Bill, through this.
      I was happy to bring Ulises back into the story this way, dong his job being a cop.