Monday, March 26, 2012

Chapter 10: Those Walls Come Down

"I don't see how she gets away without paying you," Justin says, and Eleanor tries to explain internship to him again. "Sounds like slavery to me," he snorts.

Eleanor did work really hard getting this event together for Mercedes, organizing the charity art auction during the day and the party for the evening, and she's quite proud of her results. "I'm not doing this for money. I'm getting experience and making valuable contacts."

Justin nods at that, knowing the value of contacts.

Celebrity and other VIP guest start trickling to the roof top suite Eleanor rented for this party, and Mercedes is so pleased with her intern she approaches to hand out some well deserved praise.

She stops short when she recognizes Eleanor's date. "Mercedes, this is Justin. My boyfriend," Eleanor introduces them.

Justin hides his surprise well. Eleanor has never mentioned her boss's name, and he never suspected she'd be one of his own clients. 

Mercedes doesn't do so well, she frowns at the introduction and says, "My, Eleanor, I didn't think you'd be attracted to the...rougher...sorts."

Then, instead of praising her for her fine work, Mercedes finds some tiny issues to criticize her for instead.

Finally, she leaves the couple alone, unable to contain her outrage and jealousy a moment longer. She offered Justin a fortune to sleep with her, and here he is giving himself away to her dull little intern.

Mercedes regains her composure to attend to her party, reminding herself that unlike Eleanor, who has nothing but what amounts to a service industry lover, she has a rich and powerful husband, and all the celebrity and politician guests at tis party are here to mingle with her.

"You look really nice tonight," Eleanor says, almost shy. Justin always looks good, she thinks, he wears clothes, any kind of clothes, really well. But right now she's imagining him without them, and she blushes at her own thoughts.

When the party is over, they go back to Justin's room. "Being with you has changed everything," she breathes into his ear, "I was sure I'd never be in a relationship. I thought love was just a word people used to cover up their fear of being alone. But I know love, now, and I want...Justin, I want to make love to you."

His hand on her back trembles slightly. "Are you ready for this?" she asks.

He nods, not quite able to speak. He's thought about this, but did not expect it so soon, and is overwhelmed by the surprise.

"You're nervous?" she asks, her voice gentle.

"I am," he whispers.

"It's all right," she reassures him as she slowly undresses him, stopping to kiss the skin she reveals as she disrobes him. Her own dress slides to the ground with one quick movement, and she guides him back to the bed.

All the walls he's built around himself to keep him apart from humanity, above it, untouchable, those walls come down at her command, and Justin is exposed, vulnerable to the world and its pain. When she takes him inside herself, she enters into him as well, filling the dark empty spaces with her love, and she becomes his shield, his protector, stronger than any wall. 

"I love you," she murmurs, and whispers his name, and for the first time since he can remember, Justin lets go of the reins, lets this moment happen without his control, and opens himself to love, trusting that she won't let anything hurt him.


  1. Oh Melissa! That was so great! You did a wonderful job and I swear my heart felt like it was squeezed reading those last two paragraphs. Have I mentioned that I may or may not be in love with Justin? Lol.

    Also, Justin, Eleanor and Mercedes....awkward. Lol. Let's just hope this doesn't come back to bite Eleanor in the ass. Mercedes seems like a vindictive person to me.

    1. Thanks, Jess! I really wanted Justin and Eleanor's first time to be powerful and emotional, so I'm glad you liked it.
      Justin is pretty much my favorite character I've ever written. I've tried sometimes to give a bit of his personality to other characters in other projects, but none of them have what Justin has.

      And yeah, Mercedes, you've read her right.

  2. Sooooo with Justins "no-touch" policy, does this mean this was his first time too? It was very well done, I could feel the emotions going on there!

    And I agree with what Jess said about Mercedes, she looks like a dog with a bone...never willing to let go so easily

    1. Thanks, Klev!
      Yes, it was Justin's first time, too. And, yeah, there will be more of Mercedes in this story, for sure.

  3. Wow. That was amazing. I agree with Jess- The last two paragraphs were really incredible, very well written. I'm so scared now to see what's going to happen, because it almost sounded a bit foreshadowing- "trusting that she won't let anything hurt him." I hope she doesn't hurt him, but I have a feeling that there story isn't over yet...

    1. =D Thanks, so much, Colleen.
      Justin and Eleanor's story is definitely not over.

  4. I knew it would be beautiful when Eleonor and Justin finally made love, and it was! And dang, Mercedes didn't look pleased at all. I wonder if she'll fire Eleonor. On second thought that would be too easy, I think she may keep her around just to torment her.

    I need to catch up tonight! I'm getting there!

  5. Thanks!
    I've been working all day and trying to catch up on your story at the same time. I still have a long way to go.

  6. Mercedes just makes me sick. If she does ANYTHING to get between these two... >:(

    The last two paragraphs were beautiful. I'm just so happy for them. :)

    1. Thanks! This is still one of my favorite chapters. Justin and Eleanor make me happy.

  7. Well I see work being hell for El now. Unless Mercedes fires her which could happen as well.

    They said the L word, or she did at least. He thought it so it was close. Justin has some deep seated issues that he has yet to share with El. I wonder how things will change when she learns everything about him.

  8. Oh geez, Elanor is going to have a hard time at work now. And Mercedes is married? Does her man know about her little "dates" with Justin?

    This chapter was cute and so full of love! I just know that whatever Justin is hiding, Elanor will be able to accept it.

  9. Damn I knew this would happen! Now Mercedes is going to be a royal pain in the ass for poor Eleanor and she won't even know why!!!

    Justin and Eleanor's first time was so very sweet and tender! I am a little shocked he let her take control but it says so much about how they feel about each other. The fact that he is a dom and submits to her and she is a shy virgin and takes control, that is a REAL comfort level beyond those three little words: I love you. It says so much about them! They are my favorite!

  10. Thanks so much for all your comments!
    One of the things I love about writing Justin and Eleanor is their relationship dynamic, the way they give and take, and switch top to bottom.

  11. Such relief :) Justin and Eleanor are good for each other, so it seems right now.

  12. I love this chapter very much. I think I might be a Justin/Eleanor team. I love how they interact with each other. I also think it is totally cool how they trust each other with every fiber in their beings. That is pure love right there.

    I am so glad I a can keep going. Reading that is!!

  13. Thanks! This is still one of my favorite chapters, too. Because, Justin and Eleanor.