Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chapter 5: To Be Touched

"I'm going out for a long lunch," Mercedes says to Eleanor as she heads towards the door, "Make sure you make the arrangements withe caterer, and get the flowers ordered. I want everything to be perfect."

"What kind of flowers?" Eleanor calls out to the retreating Mercedes.

"I don't care!" her boss calls back in huff, "Use your judgment. Just make sure it's spectacular."

"I'll get right on that," Eleanor says under her breath. But while she has the time alone, she decides to take care of more personal business first. 

"I miss you," she types, logging into the private chat room she and Justin shared before she knew it was Justin she was chatting for the first time since he inadvertently scared her off.

"I'm here. Talk to me."

She hesitates; it's not the same now that the anonymity is gone. She's as shy about typing the words as she would be about speaking them to his face.

He waits for her response, then sends, "Princess, I have a client in a half hour."

"Client? I thought you were a dancer?" she answers.

This time Eleanor waits for him to respond. "I'm a professional dominant, Elle. I thought you knew?"

She supposes she should have figured it out based on the bits she'd gleaned from him, but it still comes as a bit of shock. "What's that like?" she asks.

"I'm running late here," he responds, "And this conversation needs to be in person. What time do you get off?"

Today's session is simple enough, one of his regular clients. She likes to be spanked with a paddle while tells he what a worthless bitch she is.

Normally, he gets through sessions like this without much thought or effort, and never with any emotion, but today he's annoyed. He should be with Eleanor right not, not wasting his precious time with this crap.

"That was amazing, Justin," Mercedes enthuses as she pays him, "I think you put in a little more energy than usual." She tries to move closer to him; Justin backs away. "You know I'd pay you handsomely for 'extra services'," she says with what is supposed to be a seductive smile.

"You know I don't do that," Justin growls. Mercedes has pitched this offer to him several times before, and he's in less of a mood to deal with it today than usual, "Get a gigolo."

"I don't want a gigolo," she pouts, "I want you."

"You can't have me," Justin answers, putting on his shirt and leaving before she can say another word.

Mercedes fumes, all the tension her session relieved coming back as she watches him go. There is nothing in this world that Mercedes Arthag can't buy, and she's not about to make an exception.

Justin meets with Eleanor at Las Bebidas as promised when she gets off work.

"Are you hungry?" she asks as she sits beside him.

He could just say no, he thinks, and pretend to be normal. But he's made a career of pretense and lies, and what he wants from Eleanor is something real, and the only way to get that is to give her his real self. So, he tells her the truth, strange as it is. "I don't eat anything I haven't prepared myself."

She gives him the questioning look he expected, "Really? Why not?"

"Food preparation is so... intimate. I don't like strangers touching my food."

Eleanor nods, "I kind of get that," she says. She has her own little hygiene quirks, who is she to judge his? Better a fastidious neurotic than a undiscriminating slob, anyway.

Encouraged by her acceptance, Justin decides to lay it all out. "It's not just food. I don't like to be touched, not strangers, not by friends. Physical contact makes me, I don't know, antsy? Nauseated?" he says, wishing he had a word to describe the loathing he has of human closeness.

"That must get in the way of your...work," Eleanor says.

Justin shakes his head, "I wouldn't do it if there was any physical contact. Whips, paddles, chains, whatever they're into, but there's never any contact."

"And it's not sexual at all, your work?"

"Not for me, it isn't. I don't think about what's going on in the client's head." Mercedes Arthag's offer comes to mind; Justin frowns, not happy when his work intrudes on his life.

"You've touched me," Eleanor points out, "The other night, at the club. You kissed me."

Justin nods, "You're the exception. The day you moved in, I saw you from window, and for the first time in my life, I wanted human contact, to touch you, talk to you, be with you."

"Why me?" she asks.

Justin shakes his head, looks down at his fingers resting against the tiled table, "I don't know why, princess, I only know that the effect you had on me. Every day, it just gets stronger." 

Eleanor smiles a tiny, rueful smile, "Stina always says I'm a freak because I'm a virgin and I don't go on dates or want a relationship."

"She doesn't know you," Justin says, "Not like I do."

She reaches across the table to touch his hand. "I'd like to go home now," she says.

"Tell me what you want" he says, his voice rough as he presses her up against the bedroom wall.

"A whip," she decides, spur of the moment.

"What's your safe word?" he asks.

"My what?"

"Safe word," Justin answers, letting her down gently, "The word you'll use when you want me to stop. You can't play the game without a safe word." 

Eleanor presses her face against the soft silk of his bed, and submits to the sting of the whip.

"Did you forget your safe word?" Justin asks, lifting her onto the bed and laying beside her.

"I didn't want you to stop," Eleanor sighs.

"You had enough," he whispers, "Don't push yourself."

"You're the dom," she answers, smiling.

"That's just a role I play to please you," he says, his lips brushing against her neck, "In this relationship, you're the top."

Upstairs, Gavin and Tori engage in more traditional love play.

"Eleanor, so nice to see you here!" Gavin exclaims when the two couples meet the next morning at the breakfast table, and introduces Tori to his housemate and neighbor.

"You two are such a cute couple! Tori enthuses.

"They are, aren't they?" Gavin agrees, happy for himself and for his friend, who he knew had been pursuing Eleanor for sometime. Justin refrains from kicking Gavin under the table.


  1. Special Thanks to Misukisu for fixing my nipplerings.

    And to Inge, for reawakening my inner deviant.

  2. Is it wrong that the more I learn about Justin the sexier I find him? >< Goddamit!

    And I ADORE the poses you used in this chapter. All your photos are just so well done.

  3. I remember reading this in the Sims 1 version, and it was one of my favorite stories. It's so much fun seeing it recreated in Sims 3!

  4. Cece, thanks! Justin has to be the most interesting character I've ever written, in the Sims 1 version. He had his own fan base, lol, I got more comments about him than any one else. I really hope I can do him justice in the Sims 3 version.

    hjaxon, It's so great to hear from someone who remembers my Sims 1 story. I'm glad you are enjoying this new version of it!

  5. You are welcome, and I'm super happy that I was able to do something for your story. Justin is probably my favorite character. Inge gave me a link to your old stories just a couple of months ago and I read them all. You have a talent for storytelling. I really enjoy following this new updated version :)

    1. =D
      So we're both super happy, Justin has his proper nipple rings, yay!
      I am so amazed you got through the whole Sims 1 story. Inge mentioned to me that you were reading it, (and chided me again for never finishing it) and that is part of what inspired me to do this remake for Sims 3.
      I figured if someone was interested enough to read it with ancient Sims 1 pics, I could update it.

      I'm so thrilled that you are enjoying the new version, too.

  6. *Fans self* Wheww! How in the world did I miss this chapter?! I saw your reply comment to my comment on the 6th chapter and I was like, "WTF did they do in Chapter 5?" Now I know! I love Justin and I like his special connection with Eleanor. I will be so happy when you add more detail to those scenes, actually...I demand them!!

    1. I'll do what I can!
      I'm glad you are enjoying it. I always worry about the BDSM theme, because it's so...out there. But I shouldn't worry, I always get a positive response. =D

  7. Sooooo let me get this straight, if I want the link to your old story I need to get in contract with Inge since your not willing to give it.... Check! Noted on my to do list!

    Add me to Justin s fan base! I like him!

    And I laughed so hard at the spanking scene with Mercedes! Brilliant!

    1. There's a link to the old site in the right sidebar of this blog, in the dedication to Inge. just click on California Simmin'

      LOL, Justin's fan base just keeps growing. And Mercedes is definitely my comedy relief character, so I'm glad the scene made you laugh. =D

    2. I'm glad Gavin has moved on, but I really think Tori's a rebound. And as for Eleonor and Justin, *squeals like crazy again*

    3. =D
      Eleanor and Justin are probably my favorite couple in this story.

  8. I can see why Justin would have his own fanbase, whew! *grabs fan*

    Justin and Eleanor were made for each other.

  9. YES! LOVE Eleanor and Justin together! That is so awesome! It's great for both of them! EEP! Ha! These two are so cute together though.

    AND OMG JAWDROP when I saw her boss bent over his couch hahaha all I could think was "oh shit this ain't good!" I hope he never picks her up from work because that would be a SUPER awkward moment!

    Good for Gavin! I hope Tori treats him right and makes Stina lose her mind! I just hope she (Tori) doesn't end up on the short end of the straw messing with them.

  10. wow, just wow. He's a professional Dom but wants a real relationship with El, how nice. They will work well together. I can't wait to see how things go for them but I see problems with her boss. Man oh man she wants Justin and when/if she finds out about their relationship things could get bad for El.

    Yay, glad Gavin has moved on. I hope Tori is good to him and not just using him for the time being. I think when Stina finds out she is gonna try to cause trouble. Everyone has a partner but her. But it serves her right.

  11. I like Justin and Elanor together. They are both shy on the outside, but freaks in the bedroom. I can see them being together for a long time. It's like they were made for each other.

    I still don't like the idea of Gavin and Tori... I don't know, it just seems like she is his rebound girl and I don't think he could really care for her.
    I'm sure Stina will be fuming when she finds out though!

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  13. (Typo above :( ..)

    Ok, maybe Justin is a lot off, and weird. haha wow whoduthunkthat?
    Yay for Gavin and Ms Tokyo. heh

  14. LOL, you got that right, Zhip, Justin is a lot off, and very weird. He has issues. And so does Eleanor, so they work really well together.

  15. Aww, he loves her. Justin is so hot, have I ever mentioned that. And Gavin getting it on. Woohoo, I love this story more and more.

    Thanks for writing an additctive story. It's not like I don't have an addictive personality or anything.

    Great chapter.

  16. Thanks, I'm so happy I've sucked you into my world. =D

  17. Hi. I'd love to know how you make those unusual poses like Mercedes bending over the couch. And also the romp on the wall action. My game doesn't have those. And I wanna know if it's an expansion thing.