Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chapter 13: Everything is Okay

Introducing Nico to her drummer, Randell, was easy enough. They all came out of the same scene and the two musicians were already familiar with each other.

Bill Arthag joins the band in the studio to meet with their prospective new guitarist.

And then they jam. Jacklyn was almost surprised by how well Nico knew her repertoire, he didn't even need to look at the sheet music to get right into it. But she's been discovering lately how deeply talented he is, and how well trained. Like her, he grew up in a musical family, and was playing instruments almost as soon as he could walk.

Randell immediately approves of Jacklyn's choice for Ben's replacement. Bill is of the same opinion, and takes Nico aside for a private chat. 

"I assume you're sleeping with her," he says.

Nico frowns, "That's none of your business."

Bill laughs, "I'll take that as a 'yes'. Whatever you're doing, keep it up. Jacklyn is brilliant, but she requires a lot of hand holding. And better you than me. Keep her happy, and we'll all be happy."

The band, along with Bill, goes out that night to celebrate. Now that they've found their new guitarist, they'll be kicking off their tour in a few days.

"Let's go home, and celebrate in private," Nico suggests after the club starts getting busy.

'Home' is Jacklyn's house in Malibu. The couple haven't exactly discussed the status of their relationship or their living arrangements, but since returning from her cabin in the mountains, Nico has stayed at her place and given up his apartment in Hollywood.

"I think I'm dying," Jacklyn groans. She's never felt this sick in her life. "I didn't even drink that much."

Nico remembers their first morning together in his apartment, when she told him she had an iron constitution, and never got sick. "Do you think you might be pregnant?" he asks, his voice barely a whisper. They'd been making more of an effort recently to be responsible, but that night in his apartment...well, their efforts now might have come too late.

"No!" she says with bitter, desperate vehemence, "I'm not pregnant. There's no way..." She starts to cry, hunched over the toilet.

Nico lifts her up and carries her back to bed.

He holds her while she sobs, caresses her and tells her everything is okay, until she cries herself back to sleep.

When she wakes up again, she's alone. She drags herself into the shower, telling herself it was just the drinks making her sick, even though she only had two and had no other hangover symptoms. But as soon as she's dressed, she's back to collapsing in front of the toilet, heaving her guts out.

"Okay, so I'm probably pregnant," she admits.

"I'll do right by you," Nico says gently.

"Well, thanks for the chivalry," Jacklyn says, unable to hold back a sneer, "But there's no need. I'm not having it."

"You just decided that so quickly?" Nico is aghast.

"Well, yeah," she says, "You can't actually want this baby, can you?"

"Jacklyn, sweetheart," Nico says, coming behind her to caress her, "It's our baby. And I do want it."

"We just got together, Nico," Jacklyn says, "We don't even know what we are to each other yet. This is no time to have a baby. We're not ready for this. I'm not ready."

"I know," he says, "I wouldn't have asked for this, for it to be this way. But now that it's come up, I want it. I do love you, Jacklyn."

Jacklyn sighs, "Nico..."

"I know it's your decision," he says, "I'm just asking you to think about it before you decide."

He takes her hands and lifts her out of the chair and into his arms, "Don't underestimate us," he says, "It won't be easy, but we can do this."

"I'll think about it," she promises, though she can't imagine changing her mind.


  1. Ugh. I always feel so sad for the guys in these situations. That's their baby too but they get no say at all what happens to it. That's so depressing. And if Jacklyn follows through with it...I will no longer be a fan of hers. Just saying. But Nico was really sweet to her. She should be thankful this happened with such a great guy. =] The pictures were fabulous. I loved the poses you used and the writing was amazing as usual.

    1. Thanks, Jess!
      It is an inherently unfair situation, that's for sure. I won't say more because I don't want to spoiler it (though the whole thing is spoilered for people who read the Sims 1 version, lol).
      Finding the right poses for stuff can be so difficult! But it's rewarding when you get just the right shot. =D

  2. Your shots are brilliant and I love the poses you use! And you can see the effort you put into them with all the different clothing etc, it's just great!

    This is a hard subject, I agree with Jess on that, it is hard for the men, cause the women always has a final say in decisions like this, one way or the other. I'm having a hard time believing she'll go through with it just for Nico. And I'm afraid it might break his heart.

    1. Thank you so much, Klev!
      I don't want to give anything away, so I won't say more. =D

  3. See now the temptation to read your sims 1 story is unbelievable! : P But I will resist because I want to be surprised. Although I really hope she keeps the baby.

    Honestly I think it sucks for guys that they don't get a decision but to me their opinion wouldn't matter. If THEY change their mind after the "bench mark" period then who has to deal with the baby? Not them.

  4. Well, I can't say I didn't see this coming. With all of the sex these couples are having, I knew someone was going to be pregnant. However, you never actually said she was. You just said she thought that she was.

    Either way, Nico seems supportive and that is always good, but with a career like that, touring and partying all of the time, I see no room for a baby. I wouldn't be surprised if she did abort it.

  5. Wow, a baby. That can't be good for the band or their new relationship.

  6. Right at the start of their tour I can see why Jacklyn is a little scared right now but hopefully Nico has convinced her to think it through (I'm a prochoice person but I actually hate the idea of abortion...bizarre but it's your body, I'd never do it personally.) If Nico is being honest though maybe Jacklyn will keep their kid :D

  7. Nico and Jack's relationship gets off to a strange start, and things happen for them very quickly. They have a lot to deal with, that's for sure.

  8. A baby could complicate things even more. I hope she decides what is best for her not what is best for "them". I am trying to read, pose and spend time with my babies.

  9. Having a baby does complicate things, especially in a situation like this where the relationship has only just started.
    Thanks for readingI I'm looking forward to your new poses, and I hope you are having fun with your babies!

  10. Where did you find the nude patch and body parts and poses? The story is amazing!!

    1. Thanks, Rannie Rose!
      I use Twallan's Decensor mod to get rid of the blur:
      I use default replacement skins by Kanno:
      That has nipples and pubic hair.
      I use this penis mod:,20690.0.html
      This blog is an excellent resource for finding poses. I use too many to list them all here: