Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chapter 69: The Desired Results

"Astrid? Really?" Regan asks, bumping into him outside the studio offices.

Of course, it would be more than just Tori who would learn of his very public and publicized affair.

"It's not--" he starts to explain, but she throws up her hands and walks away.

"Regan, wait," Gavin calls out, following her. "Let me explain..." He reaches a hand around her shoulder, trying to make her stop walking away from him.

It works, more or less, as she spins around to face him, her eyes brilliant with anger. "Explain what?" she hisses, "You know what Astrid is. How could you be so stupid?"

"I know," he says, "It was just the one time. Tori and I have been having problems, and..." at this point Gavin realizes his explanation isn't going to sound any better than she thinks is going on.

"So you figured fucking that cunt in public was the solution to your problem?" she asks, "You're pathetic!"

"I don't understand why you're so angry at me, Regan," Gavin says gently. He hasn't had a chance to talk to Tori since the pictures of him with Astrid came out, but he can't imagine his girlfriend being more upset about it than his friend apparently is. "It's not like I cheated on you..."

Her lower lip trembles, just a little, as she stares at him. "You're right," she says, dejected, "What you do is none of my business, right? I thought you were better than this, but I obviously just didn't know who you really were."

She turns and walks away again. He calls after her, weakly, and this time does not follow, stunned by her reaction to his infidelity to another woman.

He has to face Tori that afternoon. He doesn't really hear half of what she's saying, his mind is on Regan, her disappointment in him. It hurt more than any insult Tori can hurl at him.

"Look at me!" she screams at him, bringing him back into the present. "I asked you how you could do this to me."

"Things just haven't been right between us lately," Gavin says weakly.

"You're trying to blame me for your cheating?" she asks, her voice level and cold, "I'm sorry, Gavin, but you just aren't worth my time anymore. I'm done with you."

And there, the desired results of his behavior. But the feeling of freedom is overshadowed by what he lost to achieve it, a friend and his own self-respect.

"There's my darling boyfriend," Astrid coos, waiting for him when he returns to his house. He lets her in to avoid a scene in front of the paparazzi lurking around his gate.

"Look, Astrid, I'm not in the mood for your games," he says when she tries to caress his face, "It was just one night. We're done."

"Okay, listen up," she says, dropping the pretense of affection, "I don't know what you think was going on here, but understand this: you do not get to fuck me and dump me. Not after our pictures have been plastered on the tabloids. You may not like me, and  certainly don't like you, Gavin, but we are a couple."

"Astrid, that's--" he starts to protest, but she cuts him off.

"I'm not looking to be your wife," she says in disgust, "This relationship will end, don't doubt that. But it ends on my terms, when I've gotten what I want from it. I'm not going to be just some two bit actress you screwed once and dumped, got it? We're going to go out and be seen together, and you're going to be head over heels for me. After this film is wrapped up, we'll break up."

"Why would I agree to that?" Gavin asks.

Astrid rolls her eyes, "Because if you don't, I go to the papers and tell them how you drugged me to get me to go home with you, and I'll tell them all about the sick, perverted things you did to me, and what a monster you truly are."

"But I didn't--"

"Try telling that to the papers, Gavin," she says, "Neither one of us can prove our side, and my story will always be out there, hanging over your head like a cloud. Every time people see you or hear your name, they'll be wondering if it's true."

Gavin hangs his head, not seeing anyway out of this one. Astrid smiles, gloating. "Now, get ready," she says, "We're going out tonight, to be seen. I want you to look good."


  1. =(

    Well, if a story isn't painful in the middle, a good ending isn't as powerful, right...?

    *still hoping for good end*

    1. Thanks, Becky! Gavin would like a good end too. But he will have to work for it. =P

  2. Well, Gavin carries the consequesnces of his actions. I do feel bad for him, I don't think he really thought that far ahead. Now Regan is hurt and pissed, not sure how bad his relationship with her is at the moment and Astrid has him by the balls, although if he thinks clearly enough, most people know Astrid and know what she's like and wouldn't believe anything she said anyways. I'm hoping he can find a way out of this mess he's gotten himself into=/....edenz~

    1. He definitely wasn't thinking far ahead at all and made a pretty stupid decision./ We'll see if he can figure a way out of where it landed him.

  3. Well he certainly fucked himself didn't he. Reagan is just as pissed as Tori. He took the low road and all he got him was Astrid. If he's smart he'll continue to act like an ass while "pretending" to be her boyfriend. She uses people all the damn time so she has no right to make demands! If they go out, I (and I can't believe I am saying this) but he needs to flirt, drink and be all over what ever other woman is around. Fuck Astrid! He will no doubt get the playboy rep but it might be worth it to get rid of that snake.

    On the downside I don't see Reagan forgiving him. :( She liked him, thought he was different and she feels betrayed. He lost a good friend over his cowardliness.

    1. Astrid would deserve to be treated like shit, but I'm not sure Gavin has it in him. And if he's ever going to have a chance at getting even a glimmer of friendship back with Regan, he won't get it by throwing himself down that chute.
      Of course just sticking with Astrid won't him out any either.

  4. Oh boy Gavin really stepped in it this time. Dumb move on his part. I sort of feel bad for him, but, he has to get over his wimpiness and just say what he wants. I would like him to grow, but not change a lot, but I guess a lot does change.

    1. Hopefully Gavin will learn something from his mistake. He does need to be stronger and less of a wimp, but he pulled it too far in the other direction, and that's not who he is or wants to be really.

  5. Who's bad?! I'm all caught up and sad...this isn't a great place to be. I liked knowing there was more to read. BUT luckily for this gal you update often enough I'm not left wanting.

    Gavin...I can't say he got what he deserved but he went the pussy route to get out of something he didn't want and this is his reward. He lost a great friend in Regan and really put Tori through alot of the same grief and pain he's had to endure...actually it's way more since this was publicized now she has to deal with the embarrassment too!

    And in the end has to suffer with Astrid because his reputation will be ruined if he doesn't do what she says. Yep...that about sums it up. He's fucked either way. Now you see why you should have been honest Gavin! You really don't know the big boy asshole role and shouldn't have even attempted to tread in those waters!

    1. I'm so happy you've caught up. And I feel that way about AM and CND, I want MOAR!

      And you are so right, Gavin fucked himself by not being honest with Tori and by trying to be something he's not. Now he has to try to fix his mess.

  6. To paraphrase my father: Gavin, you are a knucklehead. You should have listened to Stina...

    I'm quite looking forward to seeing how Gavin digs (or fails to dig) himself out of this quagmire.

    1. I know, the only time Stina has useful advice, it gets ignored.

  7. Gavin really fucked with the wrong woman this time. Astrid reminds me of a viper, cold, calculating and plain old deadly. I hope Gavin can regain Regan's trust and find a way to redeem himself in her eyes.

    1. No kidding, Val! Hooking up with Astrid is the stupidest thing Gavin could have done.
      He'll have to work to get himself out of this and redeem himself to Regan.

  8. Perhaps cheating was not the best way to end a relationship? I still like Gavin, but after him saying a few chapters back that he doesn't want to hurt Tori when he ends it... well, I'm sure Tori - although she's the one who ended it and can live on knowing that she ended it for the right reasons - will still be aware that she was cheated on once and carry that baggage into future relationships. I'm not sure if this rant is even making sense, so I'll stop myself.

    Anyway - I'm so glad I had time to catch up on all the shenanigans I missed. Your story is getting better and better as it progresses and I'm quickly developing a fondness for the majority of your characters (minus Marilyn... lol).

    Also, I'm re-reading the Sandman series this summer and I love seeing it integrated into one of my favorite games. <3<3<3

    1. Gavin didn't really want to hurt Tori, but that was secondary to his main motivation, which was just plain cowardice. He wasn't able to just break it off himself, so he went to bizarre extremes to force her to do it. Hurting not only her in the process, but himself and Regan.

      I'm so happy to see you again, Giga! I'm glad you are enjoying my shenanigans, lol.

      Sandman is so awesome, I love doing the movie scenes. I've been doing some re-reading as well, to prepare for this story.