Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chapter 72: Cicatrice

His body inspires lust in some, fear in others, and Justin has never cowered from using any advantage he has to gain control over a situation, a person. Even Eleanor, when he has to.

She caresses him gently, and kisses him roughly, biting his lip, "I know what you're doing, Tiger," she whispers as she pinches his ear, "And it's not going to work. If you don't want to marry me, that's fine. But you aren't going to get away with not telling me why you say you can't."

So he rests back against her, resigned to the conversation he sought to avoid. "Princess, you know I'm yours. My whole life, I've never let anyone touch me. I never got close to anyone, and that was the way I  liked it. And then you happened, you broke me open and got inside; I can't go back to what I was before. I can't live without you. And not in some sappy romantic way, I mean I need you for my own survival. I'm married to you; you don't need a piece of paper to prove or enforce it."

Eleanor smiles as she runs her fingers through his hair. No matter how long they are together, she never loses her sense of wonder at him, his beauty, his strangeness and alienation, and the almost intimidating force that is his devotion to her. "I'm not worried about you leaving me, Tiger," she says, "But I do worry about your situation if something were to happen to me. My trust fund doesn't mature until I turn 25. While I'm unmarried, that money would go to my mother, not you. And I'd want it to be yours."

"This is about your money?" Justin asks, surprised to find himself hurt by this revelation.

She laughs lightly. "My mother would say that marriage is always about money. But, it's not like I'm proposing a marriage of convenience entirely. I do love you Justin, and I want to give you everything I have."

"I have you. The rest..." he waves his hand dismissively at her wealth and worldly concerns, "Honestly, Elle, I don't like talking about anything happening to you. Having your money wouldn't..." he stops because he can't go on with that line of thought. Just imagining her gone, forever, tightens his heart, spreads emptiness and despair through him.

"It's all right, Tiger, I'm not going anywhere," she soothes as she pets him, "I won't press on the marriage issue. But I do want to know you said we can't get married."

Justin sighs, "I don't legally exist," he says, "My whole identity is a lie. I've changed my name at least a dozen times since I went off on my own. I get fake IDs, but I have no birth certificate, no social security number."

"What's your real name?" she asks.

"Names are just labels, Princess. You call me whatever you want, and I'll come."

"Sorry I'm late," Astrid says, in her slightly exasperated, put out tone,  leaning on the bar beside him, "The traffic was insane. Are you going to buy me a drink, or what?"

Gavin turns to the bartender and orders Astrid a drink.

"You know, you don't have to treat our relationship like a punishment," Astrid sighs, "Since you're forced to be with me, you might as well get some pleasure out of it." Having an image to maintain has kept Astrid faithful to her supposed partner, but the fact that Gavin won't touch her beyond what's necessary to make a convincing public appearance has left her celibate for longer than she cares to be.

"I can't imagine anything I'd find less pleasing than being with you," Gavin says, "And it's time for us to end this charade."

"What?" she exclaims, purposefully loud enough to be heard throughout the room, "You're leaving me? You're breaking my heart!"

"Cut the drama," Gavin says under his breath, "There's no audience here to appreciate it. I'm tired of living this way, and I'm moving on."

"I don't think so," she hisses, dropping the broken hearted act since there really is no one here to notice it but the bartender, the pianist and one lone barfly, "We had a deal. If you break it, I will go to the media."

"And tell them what?" Gavin asks, "The whole drugging thing is kind of unbelievable at this point, since you've been going out with me, in public, for weeks."

Astrid pouts, "I can still tell them about your sick perversions," she threatens.

"Do your worst," he dares her, "I can live with it, as long as you are out of my life."

His 'date' cut short, Gavin goes home early, and watches night fall over the city. Whatever revenge Astrid has planned, he's free now.

"It used to be a gym," Eleanor explains, "But it's perfect for our gallery. There's even a deck out back to display sculptures," She moved quickly on his plan to open a new gallery, and has scouted out several locations, this one being the best of the lot. "The lease is a little higher than you wanted..."

"That's fine," Gavin says, "This space is perfect. I think we should take it."

"I was thinking we could call it 'Cicatrice'," Eleanor says.

"What does that mean?"

"It's French, it means 'scar'."

"Perfect," Gavin agrees, "Let's move on this."

"I've established relationships with some of the artists who show in Mercedes' gallery; I might be able to convince them to move along with me."

Gavin laughs, "The cut throat world of art. I'm glad I have you to handle the business, Eleanor."

Gavin has left Regan alone these past weeks while he got his own life in order. Now, with Astrid out of his life, more or less, as she continues to spread her lies about him to any media outlet that will listen to her, it's time to see her again. She's playing in a production of Lysistrata in a small North Hollywood theater, and Gavin attends the opening night show with his acting coach and her friend, Chance.

The theater is more than small, it's tiny, intimate, and the actors come out in costume when it's over to greet the audience. Regan heads straight for him.

"So, I've heard a rumor that you're into gerbils," she says with a laugh.

"I hadn't heard that one," he sighs, "My agent has been going nuts with the damage control on this."

"Well, I was sorry to hear you'd broken up with Astrid. You were such a sweet couple," she says with a wicked smile, "I thought you two were forever."

"She's probably the biggest mistake I'd ever made in my life," Gavin admits.

"And now you're expecting me to just jump into your arms?" Regan asks.

"I'm not expecting anything," he says, "But I was hoping you'd agree to spend an afternoon with me."

I've added more pictures to the Breaking Immersion page

Apologies to Daijah for not presenting more of Lysistrata. I just couldn't fit it in and do it justice. In compensation, have this video:
Lysistrata, with phallii


  1. Aww it's ok :D you did better by getting rid of Astrid so Gavin can have Regan! ENJOYED IT! I only wish it were more public so more people could witness her annihilation. And now the chase begins, good luck Gavin!

    Justin, Justin, Justin...the more I learn about this beautiful creature the more shrouded he seems to become. You know if Eleanor ever truly wanted to know everything there was to know about him she could threaten to leave or possibly even do it. He told her what his biggest weakness is and as we hear him believe at the beginning of the chapter "It's ok to use someone's weakness and make it your strength". Don't push her Justin because someone sinister like me would have you coming clean in a second!

  2. That's true, Eleanor does have a huge card she can play. But I think she'll hold onto it until she really needs it. So far, she's willing to be patient and pull on his threads a little at a time rather than try to get it all out of him at once.

    Gavin is happily rid of Astrid and moving on, though he has to deal with the rumors she's spreading about him. He may yet find a way to get back at her for that...

  3. My parents once had a friend who didn't exist. He was born at home to a young mother and she never bothered to get him a birth certificate or even take care of him. Eventually he was adopted as an adult by some friends and that managed to get him a birth certificate and all the documents he needed to get a job and go to school. Since apparently you didn't need any documents to go to elementary and high school back in the day.

    I would LOVE to see Gavin get back at Astrid. The way he dumped her just made my heart swell with joy. He's really becoming a strong person and I'm so happy! I really hope Regan gives him a second chance.

    1. I've always been fascinated by the idea of disappearing. If it weren't for my sister, I would have cut ties completely and become someone else. And I guess that's where Justin kind of comes from, as my character.

  4. hehe, I love all the shots in this chapter.

    Gavin's new hair is nice. His last two were nice too of course. ^^

    I also really like the outfits in the last pic.

    So now that Astrid is free, she's going to find true love forever in Zach, right? ;D

    1. Thanks, Becky. I gotta use my skills of photography for something. =P

      I think a lot about what to do with Zach. He suffered from loose end syndrome in my Sims 1 story, too. There were several times I had a storyline for him involving other characters, but those other characters would go in a different direction. I meant for Stina to toy with him after she broke up with Gavin, but Coby moved onto the scene, then he was going to be possibly involved with Heather, but she met Ulises. Then I was doing a collaboration with another friend of mine writing a Sims story set in CO, and he went to Denver in pursuit of a character who moved out that way...and she stopped playing, leaving poor Zach with no resolution. And now I'm starting fresh in Sims 3 and still have no story for him. But I don't think I'll inflict Astrid on him. Not that I didn't think of it...

    2. Not all characters can be more than side characters, I guess.

      Though it's pretty great you also imagined him with Astrid, however briefly... =P

  5. I think tha....

    OMG I just realized (seeing that 3th pic) that Justin is nekkid!!!!!!! Yeah that brought me back to Pies and Laundry...

    Forget this comment, he certainly made me forget what I was going to say...!
    Seriously, I don't remember!

    1. I don't let Justin wear clothes anymore. He's been nude for two chapters now, and I'm just going to keep him that way. Baking pies and doing the laundry.

  6. Ding dong the witch is gone!!!! So glad he walked away from Astrid. Hopefully most people are taking her for what she is a bitter woman who was dumped. Glad Gavin isn't overly concerned with it. Now he can focus on who is important, Reagan. Take it slow and get back in her good graces.

    Justin, that sexy beast. Such a mystery. So he wouldn't tell her his real name but did tell her why they couldn't get married. One secret reveals another. Interesting.

    1. As much as people love the gossip, I think very few would actually believe Astrid's lies. And Gavin is much better off without her. He will be taking it slow with Regan, to earn he trust.

      It's been a big adjustment for Justin to have someone he trusts to confide in, and it's still not easy for him to let out his secrets.

  7. Just got back and caught up. I love the latest chapters!
    And Rainier's new hair fits him so well, he looks more Belgian than ever. To my surprise, he is probably my favorite character at the moment :O

    Lolz at Justin not getting to wear clothes anymore.

    1. *squeeze misu* I hope you had a nice trip.

      Rainier is my favorite character at the moment, too. I hate to play favorites with my own characters, but there it is. Of course he planned that all along, the devious bastard.

      Sadly, I will have to put clothes on Justin for some scenes, but he has become quite the nudist at home. He has this fondness for skinny dipping. If I leave him alone for a second, he'll strip down and get into that pool or hot tub.

    2. *squeeze you too*
      Was that rhetoric? gonna answer anyway :P
      We had a really nice trip, but it was freezing and rainy there so we got home a bit early.

    3. No, thanks for answering!
      I have missed seeing you in chat. (maybe you are there now, I should log in and see =P)
      But I'm glad you had a good trip, even though the weather made you cut it short.

  8. *LOL*Pies&Laundry, that made my night.

    Loved it.

    p.s. I met a doctor named Rainier today, how odd is that?
    .... p.s.s. don't dress Justin

    1. The Pies and Laundry shoot was a lot of fun for me too. My husband kept asking why I was giggling...

      I bought Rainier cherries this week. I'd never heard of them before, but there I was at the farmer's market, looking a sign that said 'Rainier Cherries' and I had to buy some. They are a bit more tart than regular cherries. It must be the Rainier influence.

  9. Justin is one of those characters where the more you learn about them, the less you feel you know them. One gorgeous enigma. I don't know if I'd be comfortable in a relationship with someone who had so many secrets, but luckily Justin has his Eleanor.

    Regan's shirt is gorgeous. I never actually read Lysistrata. We read Oedipus Rex and Antigone in western civ, but that's the end of my experience with Greek plays. Is it worth the read?

    Also, hooray for Gavin for breaking free of Astrid!

    1. Yes, Justin and Eleanor are uniquely suited to each other, aren't they?

      IMO, Lysistrata is worth reading, and even more worth seeing performed. It's a comedy rather than a tragedy, in which the women of Greece, lead by Lysistrata, decide to withhold sex from their husbands and lovers until they end the war.