Friday, March 16, 2012

Chapter 1: The Point is Not Worth Arguing

"Hey, where are you going?" Gavin asks as Stina slips her discarded underwear back on, "I thought you'd spend the night."

"I had a great time, Gav, but I'm going to head back home," Stina answers, and slides out of his bed.

"Don't go," Gavin insists, stopping her before she puts on her clothes, "I want to wake up next to you. We can go to breakfast."

Stina sighs. It's what they always do, and she's just tired of it.

"Why do you have to be so damn clingy?" she demands, turning in him in sudden anger, "I just want to go home, okay?"

"Why are you so hostile?" he asks, "What is going on with you? Everything was fine just a minute ago..."

"Everything is not fine," Stina growls, "Look, this just isn't working. I think we've run our course and it's time to move on."

"Move on?" Gavin is truly floored by this sudden announcement, "I thought we were happy together. We get along great, hell, we've been together a month without a single fight..."

"Yeah, and now we're done," Stina sighs. It had been great at the beginning. Stina had a crush on Gavin from the first moment she saw him. He was the TA in her freshman painting class, and it had been an enormous thrill when he took notice of her. Hooking up with him provided all the excitement of the forbidden teacher-student relationship, without having to sleep with one of her gross old professors. But once the relationship fell into a routine, the thrill was gone, and Gavin became just another guy.

"Fine, then, go if you want," Gavin answers sharply. Stina is surprised by his anger, mild as it is. He makes such a point of remaining calm in every circumstance, always talking about his dharma or whatever, and Stina has never seen anyone get a rise out of him. For a moment, she reconsiders her decision to break things off; maybe Gavin isn't as dull as he makes himself appear to be, after all.

But he ruins it by quickly backing down. "At least let me give you a ride home," he offers, "It's not safe to take the bus at this hour.

"I said we're done," Stina refuses the ride, "I'm not going to sit in car with you all the way to Hollywood, while you try to work things out. No way."

"Have it your way, Stina," Gavin gives up and crawls back into his bed, defeated, "Be careful out there."

While Gavin goes back to sleep, Stina takes a minute to fix her make up in his mirror. Of course, he's too nice to tell her to get the fuck out already.

On her way out, she sees one of Gavin's housemates, Justin, on the computer in the living room.

"Hey," Stina purrs. Unlike Gavin, Justin is dangerous, exciting. Well, he seems like he might be, anyway. Stina doesn't really know him that well, and Gavin says he keeps to himself. He'd definitely be worth getting to know, Stina thinks, and starts heading toward him.

Justin barely glances at her, "You're Eleanor's friend," he says.

Stina is surprised he'd associate her with Eleanor before identifying her as Gavin's girlfriend. Then she remembers Eleanor telling her about the crush Justin evidently has on her. Plumbob only knows why, Stina thinks regretfully, Eleanor is as dull as a girl can get.

As Stina loiters about behind him, Justin turns briefly in her direction, "Go fuck off now and leave me alone," he growls.

She's clearly not going to get anything here, Stina decides, and walks away. Instead going out the front door and heading to the bus stop, she heads out back. Her encounter with Justin reminded her that her good friend Eleanor rents the guest cottage behind Gavin's house, and Stina would really prefer to not have to take the bus to Hollywood at this hour. If she's lucky, Eleanor will still be up and will let Stina crash at her place.

Eleanor is indeed up, indulging in some late night chat in a private chat room, divulging her darkest fantasies to a man (she thinks it's a man, anyway, but you can never really be sure, and the reality doesn't matter in this situation) she's been 'seeing' like this for some time.

Engaged as she is in her private pleasure, Eleanor is not particularly pleased by the tapping on her door. "It's open," she invites Stina in reluctantly. "Unexpected visitor," she types quickly, "Tomorrow?"

"Until tomorrow, princess," comes the reply.

"I broke up with Gavin," Stina announces as Eleanor closes her laptop, "Can I crash here?"

Eleanor's guest cottage is a studio, she doesn't even have a couch. Which means Stina's 'crashing' will require sharing a bed. The invasion of her privacy makes her shudder slightly, but it would be terribly rude to refuse. "Sure. Fine," she answers, and wonders if she should invest in a sleeping bag, just in case.

"So, what happened?" Eleanor asks as Stina seats herself on the stool next to her. Knowing Stina as she does, Eleanor has already guessed what happened, and she doesn't really care one way or the other about her friend's tumultuous love life, but Stina is going to tell her about whether she asks or not, so she might as well feign interest.

"He's just so clingy," Stina sighs, "And it was, like, the same thing every night. We'd go out, go to his place to fuck, wake up and fuck again, then go to breakfast. I'm just tired of it."

"Well, isn't that what relationships are, basically?" Eleanor asks.

Stina rolls her eyes, "You're such a virgin," she mocks, "You've never been in love. You have no idea what it's like to fall head over heels for someone, the excitement of the chase..."

"Well, if you are any example of what love and sex are about, I'm glad I've chosen to abstain," Eleanor answers.

"Jealous," Stina accuses. Eleanor decides the point is not worth arguing.


  1. Thank you for reviving this story, I look forward to your updates :)

  2. So Stina's hair is basically the coolest thing I have ever seen, and her character is a lot of fun too. I never read any of your pre-random legacy stories so I'm looking forward to reading this fresh. Can't wait!

  3. Thanks, Inge! I know you've wanted this for a long time. And even after all the stories I've done for Sims 2 and 3, that old story is still the best writing I've ever done, for Sims anyway.

    And, thanks, Cece. I wouldn't even ask anyone to go back and read the old site. The formatting is a mess, I'm a shitty web designer. And the tiny isometric view Sims 1 pics are too painful to look at once you get used to Sims 2 or 3. So I'm psyched to bring this story into the modern era.
    I'm also psyched that I can change my character's hair styles and colors and make up more easily. Sims 1 was very limiting that respect. Stina is a much happier Sim with all these new options.

  4. I'm with Cece! I can't wait to see a story by you that isn't held down by the constraints of a challenge. You're already a brilliant writer, so being able to read your OWN story is something I'm really looking forward to.

  5. So I'm already hooked off the first chapter! Can't wait to see where it's going. I agree that Stina has the greatest hair ever. =]

  6. I'm so glad you decided to revive CS! I read and loved everything from the original version. I've only read this chapter, but I am very much looking forward to Coby, my favorite.

    1. Hi, Candice!
      It's so great to hear from people who read the original story. =D
      You will definitely get to see a lot of Coby in later chapters.

  7. I loved your old story! It inspired me to start writing sim stories! Of course I haven't in a very very long time, but I am so glad you have brought this story back your wonderful writing transcended the crappy sims 1 graphics. Can't wait to read it all over again!

    1. Thanks!
      I really do love hearing from people who read my Sims 1 story. I've changed a lot of things as I started rewriting the stories, so, you'll run into familiar characters and plots, but there will be new twists and turns along the way. Thanks for commenting! =D

  8. Stina's attitude is great but the way she treats guys like tissues, use and throw away, that's seriously gonna catch up to her. I'm hoping it's in the form of a player that shows her exactly how that feels :P

  9. Why are Stina and Eleanor friends? Neither girl really had a nice thing to say about each other. It's weird but works for them I guess.

    She was a bit cold to Gavin. Dumping him out of the blue, poor guy didn't even know what brought it on.

  10. Yeah, Stina and Eleanor's 'friendship' is barely that. They have classes together, and since Eleanor is so distant and detached, and other girls probably avoid Stina like poison, they just kind of ended up together.

  11. Stina doesn't seem like she really knows what she wants right now. How can you just walk out on a guy who cares, and start trying to hit on his roomy?

    I agree with Jaze, I don't see why she and Eleanor are friends. I am hoping to find out as the story progresses more!

    Off to read the next chapter!

  12. Definitely a different type of story. Stina sees the world quite differently than most, based on her actions, reactions so far. I am excited to read this :)

  13. Stina seems like a chick that knows what she wants and knows how to get it. I like the way she got "bored". I find it funny that she is friends with Eleanor. Just by the two polar opposite personalities.

    Great start, I am so happy to get to read your story. Awesome.

  14. Thank you, I'm happy you are enjoying it. =D

  15. Ok, so as I promised and reading these earlier chapters. I can't wait to read more as time allows me. Great job.

    1. Thanls, whit! I hope you enjoy, it's a long read. =D

  16. Hey Girl, you have been nominated.