Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chapter 27: The Better Man

"Oh, I just felt her kick," Jacklyn says.

"You're still sure it's a girl?" Nico answers, keeping his eyes on the pancakes. He's getting a lot better at this cooking thing.

"It's just a feeling I have," Jacklyn admits, "But the ultrasound today will tell us for sure."

"I wish I could go with you," Nico says. He's missing out on a lot of things with the schedule Bill's been keeping him on.

"I told Bill today was my ultrasound. I swear that man doesn't listen to anything I say."

"I don't think he listens to anyone," Nico says, "I met this model last night, she asked me to bring her your autograph. She's going to be at the shoot today."

"Bill has you going out with models?" Jacklyn asks, the jealousy obvious in her voice.

"Jacklyn, you know you have nothing to worry about. You're everything to me," Nico assures her. 

At first Nico doesn't recognize Debbie when they meet up at the photo studio.

"It's the hair," she explains, "Stylists keep changing it."

Debbie is thrilled to get the CD Jacklyn signed for her. While they chat, Bill and Herb discuss their visions for the shoot.

"Herb, darling," Marilyn makes a grand entrance, and the room falls silent.

"You're at least two hours early," Herb says, smiling deviously, "I have your shoot scheduled for noon."

Marilyn sighs dramatically, "My idiot assistant can't get anything right. I suppose I'll just have to wait. I'll go up to the dressing rooms. At least I'll have plenty of time to prepare," she says, casting a significant glance at Nico as she heads up the stairs.

The conversation is overdone and obviously staged, Nico thinks. As hard as it is to imagine that she planned this out with the photographer ahead of time, it seems like the only answer.

When he's sent off to his own dressing room, Nico finds Marilyn waiting for him. Past the point of trying to tell himself that he's not going to do this, Nico needs no convincing, no seducing, to get up on the dressing table with her.

"Sssh, not so loud," he begs her in a hoarse whisper, "Someone will hear."

"Say it in Italian," she answers.

During the shoot, the previously spirited Debbie seems more guarded and aloof. Maybe it's the job, Nico thinks, but his own guilt makes him wonder if she heard what was going on his dressing room. If he's going to keep this up, he thinks, he going to have to take control of it, to keep it from coming back to Jacklyn.

When he gets home, he finds Jacklyn in the office space she's turned into a nursery.

"I was right," she says, smiling, "It's a girl. Now we need to start thinking about names."

"Trillare," Nico answers immediately.

"It's pretty. What does it mean?" Jacklyn asks.

"She sings with trills."

Jacklyn laughs, "What if she doesn't?"

"Her mother does."

"We don't all do what our parents do," Jacklyn says, thinking about her father, his drinking, his rages. She's not going to do that, she thinks, she's going to be a better parent.

Nico has no answer, thinking about his father, his infidelities. He never wanted to follow his father's path, yet here he is, lying to the woman he loves, not even trying to be the better man.


  1. I hope the Debbie's hair joke wasn't because of me. xD

  2. Okay so that scene with Nico and Marilyn this time was REALLY hot.

    Man this is goanna end up biting him in the ass SO hard, isn't it. *Sigh*

  3. Oh man - Nico. *shakes head* What are you doin'?

    Did Debbie hear them? I'm worried she's going to be the one to spill the news (not that it won't get back to Jacklyn eventually... I think). Man ... just... Nico. You fool. D:

    1. At the moment Debbie doesn't even know Jacklyn to tell her anything. But she is like that gun on the wall; a good writer doesn't mention it if it doesn't get fired at some point in the story. Just sayin'

  4. I didn't realize/remember that Nico's dad was a cheater too. It makes more sense now, I guess, knowing that he's been around that sort of thing in his life. Not that it gives Nico any excuse for his actions or makes him less accountable, but I just thought that was really interesting. I feel so sorry for Jacklyn and her unborn daughter. That's not the kind of environment you want to bring a child into.

    The scene by the pool was AWESOME! I love the poses you used! =)

    1. That was the first mention of of Nico's father's infidelity. It comes up again later, in a big way. I mentioned in some comments earlier that Nico is a lot like my own father, and that a lot of this story is about me working out my own issues with him through fiction.

      I was really happy when Traelia came out with the photographer poses. I love setting up photo shoot scenes, having worked in that industry for so long.

    2. Nico's father has elements of my own dad in him too. One of my first memories as a child was meeting my father's girlfriend and her children. My dad was still married to my mom at the time (and remained that way until about a year and half ago), but I don't recall being upset about the situation, at least not until I got older and realized what was happening/had happened. So yeah, I can definitely relate to Nico on that level.

      Still, I would have hoped Nico would be the better man, but hopefully he can learn from his mistakes and redeem himself. I want a happily ever after for him and Jacklyn and their daughter, but it's starting to look unlikely. I can't wait to read more! =) (I got a bit behind, and now I'm trying to catch up. Again. Lol.)

  5. Yep...starting to want to hurt Nico now. I can't believe he continues to indulge this woman and then goes home and kisses Jacklyn and tells her "it'll all work out" no the hell it won't! And now he's trying to figure out how to keep it quiet? He has already told himself he's going to keep doing this! Asshole!

  6. Yeah, Nico has settled into the double life of a cheater at this point.

  7. Just wrong, he is so wrong to do that. He deserves to be caught and hung up by the you-know-what for a while.

    1. I thought about doing that as a punishment for Nico, but I couldn't find a custom pose for that, lol.

  8. Nico, you know it is wrong then why do you do it.

    There is always that bad woman who will do anything just to get what she wants.

    I didn't like this chapter, not because it wasn't good, but because I hate Marilyn.

    Why must you make me hold my seat?

    1. Marilyn is quite the bitch, it's true. And Nico is diving headfirst into trouble with her.