Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chapter 30: She Kicked You Out

Nico isn't leaving this up to chance anymore. No more spontaneous trysts where they might be seen, might be heard. He and Marilyn now have a regular time and place to carry on their affair, a hotel in Beverly Hills that caters to its celebrity clientele, with tight security that keeps the paparazzi away.

"You should leave first," she says, arranging her hair in front of the mirror, "I have to do my make up."
When they make love, he speaks to her in his native Italian, and she practices her accent for the role she's currently playing. Outside of that, they don't speak much at all. It's better that way, Nico thinks, this isn't about love, it isn't a relationship, and it in no way interferes with what he has with Jacklyn.

In the hotel lobby, his cell starts to buzz. "Giancarlo? Cosa sta succendo?" Nico asks, surprised to be hearing from his oldest brother, who he hasn't spoken to since he came to L.A.

"Andrea hit Papa," Giancarlo tells him, "Broke his jaw. Mama kicked him out, sent him to me. And I'm sending him to you. I don't need to get my jaw broken, too."

"This isn't the best time..." Nico protests. He doesn't have to ask why their youngest brother hit their father, or why Giancarlo fears Andrea will turn on him if made to move in with him.

"Too bad, then. I already put him on a plane. He'll be in L.A. in a few hours." Nico has no choice but to take the flight information and promise to pick Andrea up from the airport.

First, he goes home, to tell Jacklyn about his younger brother's visit. "My father is in the hospital," Nico tells her, leaving out the reason he was put there, "So my mother is sending my little brother here for awhile."

"I'm glad I get to meet at least someone from your family before we get married," she says, "Maybe he'll be here for the wedding."

Nico kisses her long and hard before he leaves for the airport. Nothing, no other woman, can be what she is to him. 

The surprise visit may be an inconvenience, but Nico is sincerely happy to see Andrea, closest to him in age as well closest to him in relationship. Born years later than their older brothers, they grew up together.

"Why did you do it?" Nico asks when they get into his car.

"I warned him," Andrea says, "I told him if he went out to meet his whore, I'd be waiting for him when he got home."

"It wasn't your place to interfere."

"Not my place? It shouldn't have come down to me, Nico. Mama has five sons, and not one of them ever raised a voice or lifted a hand to stop him."

"And when you did, she kicked you out, not him."

When Nico said 'little brother', Jacklyn was expecting a teenager, not this super-sized jock version of her fiance.

"I can't wait to meet my little niece," Andrea says, not shy about rubbing her belly minutes after meeting her. well, he wouldn't be the first, and at least he's family.

Having a family visitor doesn't change Nico's schedule, Bill still has him out nearly every day doing something to promote the band until Jacklyn can perform again. Rather than keep Andrea cooped up with his pregnant soon to be sister-in-law, they send him out to muscle beach to entertain himself.

"Nico?" a surprised voice asks, seeing him on the bench press.

"I'm Andrea," Andrea introduces himself, "Do you know my brother?"

"A little. We've worked together," she says, "You look just like him." Except for being ten times hotter, she thinks.

"You're a musician, then?" he asks.

"No, a model. My name is Debbie. Do you work out here often? I haven't seen you around before."

"I only just arrived here," Andrea answers, "But I like it here."

"I like to go jogging along the beach in the mornings," Debbie tells him, detailing the exact paths she takes and the times she can be expected to be found. Assuming someone wanted to run into her while jogging.

"Jacklyn and Nico must be very busy now, with the baby coming," Debbie says, in case she hadn't made her intentions completely crystal clear, "If you need someone to show you the sights, I'd be happy to be your tour guide."

"I'd like that, Debbie," Andrea says, "But I can't imagine what you could show me that could take my attention from what I'm looking at now."


  1. "But I can't imagine what you could show me that could take my attention from what I'm looking at now."

    DAAAAMN. Why can't my guy talk romance like that?

    1. It sounds even better if you hear it with an Italian accent.

  2. Hmmmm. The only Italian accent I can think of is "It's'a me! Mario!!"

    And until sometime in college, I was still under the assumption Mario was supposed to be a Mexican character.

    1. LOL!
      Whereas I grew up around guys who would in all seriousness wear t-shirts that said 'Italian Stallion'. I'm third generation Italian, and the neighborhood we lived in was like Italian exclusive, and there was a really strong sense of cultural identity.
      Unfortunately, it all devolves into Jersey Shore after three or four generations.

  3. Haha. =) Well now I know where the inspiration for the Italians in your story comes from.

    I think I assumed Mario was a Mexican because when I was first exposed to the games and the kid's show, I had no concept of ethnicity outside black, white and Mexican (like I said sometime before, I grew up in Southeast Texas... which is different from South Texas and vastly different from East Texas).

    My boyfriend was all: "Mario is obsessed with Italian food! How could you not realize?"

    And I was all: "Everyone likes Italian food!"

  4. Becky you're killing me! xD

    Wow. Andrea is gorgeous, and I'm glad he met Debbie. I can't say I know where he's coming from with the cheating father issue, but I can understand why his mom kicked him out, poor thing. Really hope he doesn't break Nico's jaw...

    1. Andrea is cloned from Nico, with slightly lighter hair, more hazel eyes, and the muscles sliders pushed really far to the right. Because he's strong enough to break a guy's jaw with his fist.

      I'm looking forward to writing more for him and Debbie than I did in the Sims 1 version.

  5. Andrea and those muscles! I'm not going to lie - I had a long paragraph planned (before my computer died) and every time I was typing Andrea's name, I kept typing Nico. Why do I have such issues with names?! So, for future reference, if I get them mixed up - it's because of my name-rememberin' disorder.

    And the drama continues. I haven't read ahead for Andrea or Debbie, but I'm amping up for whatever you have planned. I can't see Nico's secret remaining such for long (or much longer) ...

  6. Wow. Andrea. *swoons* I could really fall for a hunky Italian like that. Lol, all your characters are so charming though!

    I know this probably sounds horrible, but I kind of love that Andrea stood up to his father. Although I don't condone violence, the fact that he was the one brother to defend his mother (in a sense) shows real character, imo. I can really appreciate that.

    To elaborate on my earlier comment, my sister and I were total opposites about how we handled my father's affairs. She ignored the issues at home while I was always trying to fix them (or blaming myself for not being able to solve them). Anyway, she never stood up to my father about anything, whereas I was always fighting with him (and my mom... she was not perfect either). I just find this whole situation with Nico and Andrea really fascinating and very familiar.

    I'm still worried about Jacklyn though.

    1. I don't think it sounds horrible. I agree with you. And had I been a guy, I might have punched my father a few times, so I empathize with Andrea. LOL, that's kind of why I wrote him, so I could fictionally punch my dad.
      But I also know that what he did is probably not what his mother actually wanted. These relationships are very complex, and if you try to interfere or help, you'll often be the one that gets pushed away.

  7. HAHAHA this spells trouble for Nico AND GOOD! If Debbie heard him that day with Marilyn and is getting close to his brother then she could let the beans spill and we already know how Andrea feels about cheaters! I sense danger Will Robinson! HAHAHHAHAA Damn I can't wait to see this shit!

  8. Andrea flew in all the way from Italy to cause trouble for Nico. =D

  9. I think Nico is in for it and I believe that, they are not quite as close as it may seem.

    Italians are the best people on the planet. I am not bias or anything. (Father is whole and mother was half). I actually grew in a very Italian neighborhood. We would have these festivals. I miss it but I wouldn't go back there now, no way.

    My father speaks fluent Italian but doesn't have an Italian accent. He has lived in this country since he was 7. It's weird because my mother did. And she was born and raised here. Go figure.

    Anyway, I like how the two brothers look a lot a like.

    1. My mother's side of the family is mostly Italian, and the neighborhood I grew up in was almost all Italians. I miss the festivals, too, I know exactly what you mean. St. Rocco's feast is the one that sticks out most in my memory, lol, my cousin and I used to always go to that one.

  10. I know I'm late to this party, I'm (semi-regularly) one of those "oh, pretty rock" type of distractees, but for the past 3ish hours I've been reading. I'm in love. And what I've learnt is 1. Italians are hot. 2. Men are, generally, giant toolbags. 3. Bitches be crazy and 4. I'm more determined to get my nose pierced now...

    1. Hi, Teal! It's great to see you! Thanks for reading, and I'm glad you are enjoying yourself.
      My blog is very educational, lol. Learning is fun!
      I'm all for nose piercings. I love piercings in general. =D