Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chapter 34: Live With Me?

Heather has a moment of pre-wedding panic while Coby and Rebecca help them set up for the party in the backyard.

"It's going to be fine," Ulises assures her, 'No one will care that the tables don't match the chairs. Now let's go get dressed before guests start showing up."

Heather finally opted for a less than formal wedding. Ulises is just glad he doesn't have to wear a jacket on this hot early summer day. "You look beautiful," he tells her, "Your dress is perfect for you."

"So, what are those things in your hair?" Coby asks Rebecca.

"I think they're your sister's revenge for my interfering with her relationship."

Coby laughs, "Well, serves you right. Look at her, I haven't seen her this happy since...well, ever."

"Yeah," Rebecca says, not liking to admit when she's wrong, "I guess so. I don't suppose you have a joint on you..."

"In my car," Coby says, "But, dude, this place is crawling with cops. I'm not busting it out here." 

Heather has no family in L.A. besides Coby, and what friends she had all melted away when she stopped dealing, so the few guests they have are Ulises' friends and relatives. His grandparents passed on years ago, and his aunt and uncle live out in Palm Desert, leaving only his cousin Pablo, also a cop, and his wife Jennifer, available to attend his wedding.

Ulises' partner Kendl Johnson also comes, with her boyfriend Cesar.

When the guests have all arrived, the couple take their vows. The promise to love and cherish just doesn't seem like enough to Ulises, when he wants to give her so much more.

The couple exchange rings, and are officially married.

"Do you think you'll ever do that?" Coby asks Rebecca, "Get married, I mean."

"I can't stay in one place long enough to settle down," she answers.

While the guests eat cake and mingle, Heather and Ulises share a dance.

"You were right," she sighs, leaning against him, "Everything was perfect."

"Let's say our goodbyes and go upstairs," he suggests.

When the guests are gone, Coby gets Laurel a bottle and prepares her for bed.

"I was thinking I could go back with you to your place," Rebecca says, "Give the happy couple some room."

"Sure," Coby agrees, "Let's go. I can't wait to get this noose thing off my neck."

"Are you going to be in town much longer?" Coby asks when they get back to his apartment, "Now that the wedding's over..."

"I don't know," Rebecca says, "I've been in San Francisco for a few years, I think it might be time for a change. Do you think I could crash with you for awhile, until I decide if I'm staying here or moving on?"

"Live with me?" Coby asks, his voice tight and his smile forced.

"Not like that," Rebecca says with a soothing caress, "I'm not moving in. I just need a few days to figure out what I want to do. You can still go out with other girls, I'm not laying any claim on you."

"All right," Coby agrees, despite the very bad feeling he has about this arrangement.


  1. $10 says this blows up in Coby's face within 5 chapters. $10 MORE says that blow up has something to do with Stina.

    I loved the wedding, Heather's dress was very her and I'm glad they're really together now.

  2. They were really together before; the wedding just makes it official for the purposes of insurance and whatnot.

    ...Sorry, I digress. I loved Heather's dress! The patten on it is beautiful! I'm really happy that those two found each other. They make a sweet pair. Also, yeah. Something bad is going to come out of Rebecca's stay at Coby's. I don't know what, not yet, but I too have a bad feeling about this.

    Rebecca looks pretty with her hair pulled back, btw. I didn't realize how lovely her features are. =)

  3. Yeah, Heather and Ulises are probably the most together couple in the story. Well, them and Justin and Eleanor, I guess.
    The pattern on Heather's dress is by Simmiller on MTS, it just came out recently so it should be in the first few pages of recent downloads if you want it. I'm glad I got it in time for Heather's wedding. All the parts in the story where she was stressing about what to wear and how formal to have the wedding came from me, lol. I really didn't know what I wanted to do for her wedding.

    I thought Rebecca's hair looked nice too. I want to find a version of that hair without the pink things in it. They worked for a wedding, but I could use that hair more often if it didn't have stuff stuck in it. I think that hair is supposed to be for performances, since it's from SHT. I wish they'd make accessory free versions of their hairs, though.

    1. Okay, I am so glad that it's not just me! I can't stand that they don't make accessory free versions of their hairs! I mean, some of them are so cute, but they have such limited use with the accessories in them. And really, how hard would it be to make two versions? Double the number of hairs for so little work. Very frustrating!

      If you do find that hair without the accessory, let me know. I did a small google search, but I couldn't find anything. I don't know if you have that new India set from the store? There were some nice hairs in there, but they all had accessories of some kind or another attached to them. Rust Nail did an edit of two of them to remove the accessory. Not sure if it's a default replacement or how it works (I haven't installed it yet), but just in case you're interested here's the link. I love the original style, but it's more versatile this way.

    2. I do have the Rusty Nail versions. Debbie is wearing one of those fixed hairs in the chapter before this one. It's not a default replacement, so you can still use the jeweled version if you want as well as the new one.
      I love the Indian set, but the hairstyles are of limited use with the accessories, so I'm glad we now have two of them with the jewelry removed.

  4. Yeah...Rebecca to me is kind of um...yeah this is bad. I don't like her and I don't know why. She just seems really...damn. I can't find the word to describe her. She wants to be Heather's friend but she's a very egotistical person. Though she gives her advice on what she thinks she's doing wrong none of it is coming from a good place. She admitted she was wrong about Ulises but still...she has a very "all about me" kind of feel. Not as bad as Stina but just...not right. Sorry wish I could figure out what the hell I was trying to say :P

    The wedding was nice though and aww they are finally official! I loved the colors in Heathers dress! (I'm a purple girl)

    1. Rebecca definitely tends to feel she's right about everything and doesn't hesitate to tell people how to run their lives. She means well, in her way, but she has a hard time accepting when people do see or do things her way.
      Which is kind of funny, because it will turn out she hasn't been doing such a great job with her own life recently.

  5. Poor Heather, something is going to happen and it will be Rebecca's fault. I agree with DJ, I don't like her and I don't know why either. She kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Coby should know better.