Friday, April 20, 2012

Chapter 33: Falling All Over You

Debbie stops when she hears footsteps jogging behind her. It could be anyone, of course, but she hopes it's Andrea.

He didn't miss her strong hint when she told him the precise details of her jogging route, and he got up at dawn to meet her out here.

"I was hoping you were free tonight." he says, "I'd like to take you out."

"Do you dance?" she asks, "There's this great club I'd like to go to."

Andrea agrees enthusiastically to her plan, and they set up a date.

Since she became a Victoria's Secret model, Debbie's romantic experience has mostly become fending off creeps who fantasize about her in her underwear. But Andrea...well, if he wants to fantasize about her in lingerie, she's okay with that.

"Ciao, then," he says, "Until tonight."

"You look beautiful," he tells her when he brings her a drink. Debbie smiles and gazes into his eyes. She hasn't been this giddy on a date since her high school prom.

"Are you very close with your brother?" she asks, just to make small talk, trying to get hold of herself before she melts into a puddle at his feet.

"We were, growing up. Always together, we shared everything. Then he moved here, and he stopped calling."

"So you came here to check up on him?"

Nico told him to keep quiet about what happened back home, and Andrea isn't really eager to tell people about his father, his mother, and what he did. But looking into Debbie's eyes, the only answer he can give her is the truth, all of it. His father's constant infidelity, the way his mother would cry, hiding herself in her room so her sons wouldn't see her, and what his own anger at the situation led him to do.

"That's very sweet that you would stand up for your mother that way," Debbie says.

"She didn't see it that way. She sent me away to my oldest brother, Giancarlo. He's as bad as my father, and he was afraid I'd end up hitting him, too. So he sent me here."

Debbie can't help but think about his brother Nico, and what's she's pretty sure she heard happening in his dressing room with Marilyn Hennessy. She considers telling Andrea, but decides she shouldn't say anything that would set brother against brother when she's not absolutely positive about the facts. Andrea's mother kicked him out for interfering; what would Nico do to him if he butted in without cause?

"Let's dance," she suggests, leading him out to the dance floor.

Debbie loves the freedom of movement, and having big strong arms to support her just makes it all the better.

"You dance beautifully," she sighs, "With you as my partner, I could do this all night."

"I'll dance with you all night," Andrea says, "Every night, if you'll have me."

They draw closer together, and stop dancing as their lips meet.

"That was...better than dancing," Debbie swoons, and blushes, "Am I making a fool of myself, falling all over you?"

"Go ahead and fall," he answers with a smile, "I'll catch you."

Debbie has a strict 'not on the first date' that she thinks about breaking when Andrea escorts her to the entrance of her apartment building.

"Can I see you tomorrow?" he asks.

"You can see me whenever you want, Andrea," she answers.

"Then, until tomorrow, ciao," he says, giving her a long kiss goodnight.

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  1. Aaaaaaw~ Okay the relationship between Andrea and Debbie is just adorable.

    Crap. I guess she DID hear what Nico and Marilyn were doing in that dressing room. O_o Wonder when it's going to come back and bite Nico in the butt.

  2. Awww. They are sweet.

    I figured Debbie was set up to notice the 'thing' between Marilyn and Nico, from the moment I saw her. The big question is WHEN. >=)

    I didn't expect her to fall into a relationship with Nico's brother of course, and that adds a whole new level to the grand mess.

  3. Yes, Debbie did hear Nico and Marilyn, and she and Andrea will play a big role How Things Shake Out for Nico and Jacklyn.

    They are a sweet couple. =D

  4. Sweetest. Line. Ever.

    "Go ahead and fall. I'll catch you."


    P.S. I think I say that word too much in my comments, but your guy characters just make me melt! Lol.

    1. Thanks, Colleen!

      I just really love writing romantic guys.

  5. Aww Andrea is so sweet and his "ciao" is sexy as hell LOL! So Debbie DID hear Nino in the dressing room! Damn! Yeah once she gets comfortable enough with Andrea I'm sure she'll let the beans spill...unless he finds out first for himself! DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah, all the pieces are starting to fall into place...

  6. Nico, better watch out, rumors are hell. Andrea and Debbie seem really happy together, I just hope she can keep her mouth shut, but it's Hollywood.

    1. Andrea and Debbie are a cute couple, and they really get on together. But he knows Nico's secret...