Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chapter 38: Everything is Illusion

Housesitting in Carey's cliffside mansion with her girlfriend is one of the better perks of Alison's job.

"Alison, I'm home," Carey says, walking in on the women.

"Oh, shit," Alison gasps, nearly biting Kelly's tongue.

"I didn't expect you back for another week," Alison says, not bothering to cover herself. She knows her boss well enough to understand that some things just don't seem to register with him. Like the fact that he just had two half-naked women making out on his couch.

"I got what I went for," Carey answers, carrying on the conversation as though he truly hasn't noticed his assistant's state of undress, "Or I didn't. Either way, it was time to come home. Where are we at?"

"I put off all casting until your scheduled return next week. Costume designs have been sent over; I put them on your desk for approval."

"Great," Carey says, "We can move casting up now that I'm back. I see the project a lot better when I know who the actors are."

"I'll call the studio first thing in the morning," Alison says, "Do you, uh, want us to leave now?"

"No, it's too late to kick you out," Carey says, "And what would the neighbors think if they saw you two lovely nymphs fleeing my place at this hour?"

Okay, well, maybe he does notice more things than Alison gives him credit for.

"That dude is seriously weird," Kelly says when they are alone in the guest room they've been staying in.

"He's a genius," Alison answers.

"Well, I hope he doesn't decide to barge in on us."

"I wouldn't put it past him," Alison laughs, "He might even bring a camera."

"Okay, I'm either really creeped out or turned on by that."

Carey walks onto the set, which is on the roof of his house. Something is wrong, this scene isn't in his script. He looks around for Alison, maybe she knows what this is about. But the only person on set is this mermaid.

But she's not a mermaid he realizes as she floats toward him. "Maya," he says, recognizing her. "Why are you here?"

"Am I here?" she asks with a laugh, and then lands in his arms.

"I wish you were here," he answers, kissing her, "I wish this was real."

"Nothing is real," she says, floating away, "Everything is Illusion."

"Come back," he calls out to her, but she drifts away, toward the edge of the roof."

"You sent me away," she reminds him, "I'm gone. Out of your life."

Carey plunges down after her, "Not this time," he says.

"You can't fly," she says as they hurtle past his house.

"Nothing is real," Carey says as he swims toward her through the air, "Everything is Maya."

They land on the beach together, enfolded in each other. "I won't let you go," he says.

"Hey, have you seen Grok?" Kelly asks sleepily, coming into the kitchen while Alison makes breakfast. Normally, the dog would be all over her at this time, demanding his walk.

"Maybe Carey took him out," Alison says, "I haven't seen him either."

Kelly walks over to the giant windows looking over the beach below, to enjoy the view one more time before she and Alison have to go back to their less splendid apartment. 

"Um, Ali? I found your boss..." 

Alison rushes down to the beach where Carey lays curled in a ball. He's not bleeding, she notices, so that rules out a fall. She reaches a timid hand out to touch him, and sighs in relief to find him warm and breathing.

"Carey," she says, gently shaking him, "Wake up. Please."


This chapter is dedicated to misukisu, as it would not have been possible without her Pose Player Add On.
Thank you, Misu!


  1. Thank you!

    Wow, this was an amazing chapter. I was so scared that he jumped off the roof for real!

    1. Thanks, Mkisu!
      When you told me about this mod in chat, I was really excited. And it's so much more than I anticipated.
      I was having a really hard time figuring out how I was going to do this chapter, and then your mod comes along allowing me to move posed Sims around in all directions, and I was finally able to shoot this.

      I don't know if you remember it, but this chapter title also comes from a conversation we had in chat. So your influence is all over this chapter. =D

  2. Now when you mention it, I do remember that conversation...

    It never would have occurred to me to use the add-on like you did here, you have so much fresh ideas. I just thought it would be useful to lift sims to the table, or a coffee cup to their hand or something like that.

    1. LOL, and I go and use it to toss my Sims off buildings...
      I will probably make more mundane use of the feature as well. It's really such an incredibly useful mod, and more flexible than OSMP, though that is useful too.

      Maya, btw, means illusion in Sanskrit.

  3. Yeah at first I'd assumed he'd jumped as well. But I'm glad he's alive and physically unharmed.

  4. I don't know how you did it, but I think there's either a naked or half-naked Sim in every single picture in this chapter except for one. Now that takes talent! :P

    Great chapter! I loved your photos! They were very beautiful, and your use of poses was really creative. I don't fully understand Carey's dream, but I'm curious to learn more about it. Hopefully we'll get some sort of explanation, although knowing Carey it might be just as cryptic as the dream itself.

    This is completely random, but I love that shell thing that Maya was sitting by. The plumbob pearl made me laugh. Also, Kelly's line "...I found your boss." LOL!

  5. Thanks, guys!

    I guess I did go all out with the nudity this chapter, lol.
    That shell thing is a stage prop that came with SHT. I appeared in one of the trailers they made for the EP, and apparently Sim Guru said something about it that set of a storm of speculation about mermaids being the supernatural creature for the EP. Until they officially announced the genie.

  6. Amazing chapter, The pictures were beautiful. I for sure thought he really jumped and was dead.

  7. that was one crazy dream. Who is Maya?

  8. Thank you Zhippidy! I'm trying to get better at my set building.

    jazen, who Maya is will remain a mystery for some time.

  9. Damn haha I thought Carey was dead down there! That was a freaky ass dream. Maya some unrequited love or a lost love? Either way she's embedded in his head and he can't shake her if he's dreaming about her. I wonder if his movies are like this! Allison is a great assistant and they have a pretty decent working relationship and really very comfortable around one another. Kelly is a trip lol I love her :P

  10. I think Carey's movies would be pretty trippy, lol. Maya is definitely an obsession of his, that's all I'll say now.

    Allison pretty much keeps his shit together, he'd be lost without her.

  11. Wow, I thought for a split second that maybe he was tripping on acid. But then it turned into a dream or was it. I like Allison alot, she is indeed one of my favorite characters. Another great chapter. I am determine to catch up with everyone's stories.