Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chapter 31: Power Trip

"How dare you try to hold my job over Justin's head," Eleanor accuses, storming into Mercedes' office before she can be called in to be fired.

"You're forgetting who holds the power here," Mercedes answers coldly, "I may not get Justin, but I can still fire you."

"You actually think you have power?" Eleanor scoffs, swinging a punch across Mercedes face, knocking the older woman down.

"You're just nouveau riche trash and you know it. I may be just your assistant now, but you know what kind of wealth I'm coming into, the weight my name carries, and you know I'll be able crush you like the insect you are. Fire me now, and you will pay for it later, with interest."

Mercedes rests her head against the chair, her face stinging from the punch. What Eleanor says is true, but her words barely register. It's the commanding tone, the contempt in her voice, that turns Mercedes on. "I'm worthless," Mercedes agrees with a whimper, "I deserve to be crushed."

"You're pathetic," Eleanor sneers, "Get up and negotiate like a woman."

"I'm not your assistant anymore," Eleanor says, taking her position on the desk, while Mercedes sits subservient in the chair, "I manage this gallery. And of course, my promotion comes with a significant raise. I'll be needing this office as well, of course, and we'll have to hire a new receptionist."

It's all Mercedes can do to not grovel and call her mistress as she agrees to Eleanor's terms.

Justin is working at Underworld that evening; Eleanor doesn't want to wait for his shift to be over to tell him her news, so she goes to the club to watch him dance until he has a free moment for her. 
She wonders how he does it, watching him grind up there, on display for anyone who wants to look, how he makes himself into a commodity while remaining so untouchable, so pure.

As soon as he sees her, the dance is for her, and Justin only keeps at it long enough to amuse her. As soon as she grows impatient, he jumps down from the table and kneels in front of her. 

"Tell me," he says.

"It was amazing," she sighs, "I told her off for trying to blackmail you. And then she threatened to fire me anyway. And I just wanted to put her down so badly. So I hit her. Hard."

"It felt good, didn't it?"

"Oh, yes," Eleanor says, "She was on the floor, cringing while I called her an insect. And I felt so...I can't describe it at all."

Justin lunges onto her lap, "You don't have to describe it," he says, biting her lips as he kisses her, "I know the power trip. I just wish I could have been there to see you take her down." He presses his body hard against hers, her legs open beneath him. "Let's go home," he breathes onto her neck.

"Don't you have to work?" She asks.

"The only person I have to please tonight is you, princess."

"Will you really do anything I say?" she asks when they're back in his room.

"You know I will," he answers.

"Take off your shirt," she gives her first order.

"You are beautiful," she observes, "I see why people like Mercedes want you so badly. But I don't like sharing you. I want you for myself. I want you to drop all your clients."

"Done," he agrees.

"Really?" she asks, "I'm not joking."

"I know that," Justin answers, "I've made a lot of money doing this, enough to pay my rent for awhile, at least. If you want to keep me tied to the bed all day, I can manage that."

"I can't keep you tied up," she says, "I'll need you to do the shopping and pick up my dry cleaning."

"Whatever you want, princess."

"And that really wouldn't bother you?" she asks, "You wouldn't feel emasculated, waiting on me like that?"

Justin laughs deep in his chest, "You know I don't get hung up on that gender crap," he says, taking her hand down between his legs, "I'm a man. Being your bitch won't change that."

"We should get our own place," Eleanor suggests, "If I'm going to keep you, I'll have to take care of you properly."

Thanks again to Misukisu of Virtual Artisan for Justin's awesome bondage wear.


  1. Daaaaamn. I've never seen someone go from bottom to top so fast before, but I guess having the right partner might do that.

    Dominant Eleanor might just be the hottest thing in your legacy thus far. And than includes the little mental scene I had in my head of Rainier and Coby when they were in Rainier's office. >_>

    1. Okay, dude, I got that same mental scene in my head when I was writing the Rainier/Coby office scene. Seriously. So either it came through my writing, or there is something very wrong with both our heads...
      Out of curiosity, who's your top, Coby or Rainier?

    2. Rainier completely. Coby's personality makes me think of him as a switch at best but never fully a top. Whereas Rainier's personality makes it impossible for me to see him as a bottom. He'd never listen to orders!

    3. Yeah, I don't think Coby has it in him to be top. And despite being something of a bitch at times, Rainier's not really a bottom.

      Coby's reaction to this whole conversation: Dude, wait, what?

    4. Pretty sure Coby would like it. Rainier doesn't seem sadistic enough to be a pain dom.

    5. LOL! Why don't I get mental scenes like that?

      This chapter was great fun to read and I really like how your have built Coby's and Nico's character in the last chapters. I think they now have more depth and are no longer just sidekicks with strong willypilot. I do wish Coby will get his things worked out, and I don't like Rebecca at all! Somehow Stina and Coby are such a good match I'd love to see them get back together. Who cares how things went in the original story!

    6. Hey, misu, Thanks!
      The original story never really finished, but I do have a resolution for Stina and Coby, and all the other characters I left hanging. I'm definitely not afraid to change things from the original. Like Rainier for instance, the way his character is developing has made it impossible for me to have him follow the same path he did in the original.
      Rebecca is a bit hard to like, since her whole function is to come in and mess with people. She's also very opinionated and kind of stubborn. But she's a good loyal friend. Unfortunately her loyalty and friendship makes her try to 'help' her friends when they don't necessarily need or want it.

  2. Yowza. I wish I was rich enough to get away with punching people.

    Also I lol'd at the pic where Justin appears to be shooting a laser out of his bum. Sorry. I'm sorry. xD

    Re: comments. I'm going to pretend I wasn't thinking anything along those lines. So I'm just going to picture Rainier and Coby giggling and eating ice cream.

    1. Not only that, he can shoot lasers from his nipples! Also, he has a cock ring of Justice!
      That's what the super hero realm needs, a dom type character who spanks evil doers while berating them. Actually, Hooded Justice in Watchmen kind of did that.

      Rainier would like to inform you that he doesn't giggle. But maybe if Coby got him really stoned...

  3. whoa! What just happened there with them? Did he just become a kept man. The dom/sub roles have switched. That is crazy!

  4. Justin does kind of become a kept man at this point, and he and Eleanor so switch their dom/submissive roles, to a point. They tend to switch back and forth as it is, as he's been building her up to be more dominant, while he's been learning to let go of some of his need to be in control of everything all the time.

  5. Good for Eleanor! (But I think Mercedes liked it.)
    And wow.

  6. Yeah, I think Mercedes kind of liked it too.

  7. HAHAHAHA! OMFG! That was too fucking awesome! BEST CHAPTER EVER! WOW! I am in love with Eleanor!

    "I'm a man. Being your bitch won't change that." <---Best line ever! OMG! I love these two! Eleanor is a Queen and damn she took down that bitch hard! That was amazing! Mercedes instantly crawled into her little hole and was all "yes ma'am", "I know ma'am" hahaha damn! LOVED THIS CHAPTER! Best one ever!

    Justin really is a man! A wonderful, secure, sexy, sexy man! WOW!

  8. Thanks! I really loved having Eleanor come into her strength take Mercedes down.
    And Justin, yeah, he's a man, all the way.

  9. YEAH!!!!! She finally put that bitch in her place. I hated her. Wow, Justin is so hot. I want a man-bitch.

    This was a hot one.

    1. Thanks, Paula! I enjoyed having Eleanor punch Mercedes.